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Panthers @ Colts Game Day Thread


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1 minute ago, crazycolt1 said:

Brissett is only making the plays that are called by Frank. 

Being possessed with this constant ragging on Brissett for no reason in this game shows you are not interested in anything else. 

@2006Coltsbestever have a history of funny and friendly exchanges on the topic. His Vick comparison stimulated my sarcasm. Sorry it triggered you. Will send you some crayons.

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10 minutes ago, DougDew said:

Can't see the game.


Do we have a defense this week?  Or is it Grier's play?


Haven't seen many comments about our D.

Same D, just a rookie QB in his first game, missing a few starters. Our D has poor cb’s and scheme is below avg and unimpressive majority of time. Still the same wide open spaces created, qb is just not hitting them like someone who is experienced. 

8 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I can't figure this team out lmao . I give up! One week we play like the 2006 Colts, the next week we play like chumps haha . JB playing like Vick today lmao . Hey we can even get a free BigMac tomorrow because Houston got a sack. This stuff is funny.

Uh that’s a negative. JB is playing just as avg as JB always plays. You see the decent and then the bad. At least he has made some nice decisions with his game today (runs at the right time). Accuracy still awful and no touch deep. Either 5 yards too deep or short or wide. The game plan still lacks creativity. I know that JB limits this team but I’m still wondering if we have the right coaches in the building to complete this championship team that Irsay has begged for. I know a better QB helps tremendously but dang the plans on offense and defense is questionable 

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1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I know you are not a Troll and I respect you as a poster but bagging on JB when the team is up 21-3 is a bad look. Just some advice. 

If my sarcasm is a bad look to some, I'm more than OK with it.

I've seen a few similar type remarks (sarcasm).

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2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

Of course, I have the 2nd most LIKES on this site. So I am 2nd biggest Troll on this Site. Thanks for the compliment :thmup:

I'm only 4% off your like/post ratio and climbing.... you know I like my stats...




I know you're not a troll either lol.

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Why do we need to play the starters in those games? Seriously? What do we win here? This is a classic Pagano chasing a win in a meaningless game in week 17 type of game. Do we really need to put those players in risk just to get to 8-8? This is stupid on so many levels. 

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