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jacoby 4 of 12 for 30 yards he is on fire tonight guys might hit 80 yards by the end of the game .

Holy crap...I just stumbled across Chloe’s Twitter (obvious by the twitter handle) and he/she is blaming absolutely everybody but JB. I’m only saying it because it’s kind of extreme the way she’s call

Andrew Luck enjoying retirement!

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1 minute ago, Fisticuffs111 said:


I totally believe it just with the eye test. It’s been so unbelievably bad. Not just open receivers but complete lapses in coverage.


I think it was 307 yards / game passing the last 3, going up some more.


1 minute ago, MPStack said:

JB 21.5 M CAP in 2020



Nothing can be done about it, except cut JB.  Saves some of it.

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It seems like Flus has generally done a good job against the run, and when his blitzes have gotten home awesome (most notably against Watson last year and once this year), but in general it seems like his coverages get picked apart. I wonder if that’s not a strong suit of his in terms of coaching/game planning.

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30 minutes ago, Moosejawcolt said:

But....but.....Grigson left the team in a mess and after 3 drafts Ballard has done exactly what???


Not much, but I don’t think Ballard is a god either.  We’ll see how he does next year.  Hopefully we don’t have to set through Biscuit for another year.

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1 minute ago, coming on strong said:

i cant even find something jacoby is good at .  weak arm horrible accuracy  bad at going through progressions holds onto the ball to long.  what does he do good what is his strength ?

He's a real leader in the locker room.   <ducks>

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1 minute ago, Moosejawcolt said:

I am really disheartened by this teams epic fall. At 5 and 2, they looked competive.  Honestly, they look like the worst team in the NFL after 14 weeks

I am more frustrated that they look like they have quit.  That’s not a good sign for Frank.  Even Pagano’s teams didn’t quit.

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Just now, Indyfan4life said:

If Irsay is as serious about this team as he talks acts like, I think he’ll have to force his hand this offseason and make Ballard do some trading/signing, etc. 


We cannot continue to rely on late round draft picks and hope they pan out. 

Wants to use the cap money to pay their own. Lol!

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to be honest the colts secondary is horrible  ballard missed in all his secondary picks rock looks bad hooker is bad wilson is bad  even desir is overrated . kenny moore is the only good player in the secondary the defensive line is bad to sheard is horrible autry is the only slightly good player houston is old and is not even noticeable most of the game the only strength is linebackers have good depth  .  we need full secondary rebuild and defensive line rebuild and wrs rebuild to and new QB

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40 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

It's very relevant. Last year the same D with the same scheme was much more effective because time of possession didn't stress and wear out the D. We've even added upgrades to the D. When you O goes 3 and out most drives, it's incredibly wearing on a D. If you ever played football you know that.

That's what I said.  3 and outs are like turnovers.   (In fact, I'm the only one here who says it). We didn't go 3 and out much early in the year.


Your claim of upgrades being added is purely judgmental.  You have no basis for it. 


In fact, this team looked the same last year against KC, which was a SB contender then, even with Luck at QB.  That says that QB play isn't very important.  







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    • I believe Houston was on the feild more than Autry too. Never mind Autry was played a bit more.
    • TY Hilton - If he's not willing to take a paycut down to WR2 money then I'm fine with moving on from him.  Loved what he's done for the org but he's not a WR1 anymore.  I'd rather pay him WR2 money and sign a True #1.   Marlon Mack - His spot at this point is taken.  I'm fine with moving forward with JT, Hines, and possibly drafting a young bruiser or signing a vet for cheap.  If he's willing to come back on a prove it deal then fine, otherwise he can test the market.   Justin Houston - Resign him.  2yr deal with an option.  Coming off one of his best years.  He was definitely our best pass rusher.  Health isn't a concern but age is.  I'd say bring him back.  Not too expensive however.  That may prove to be a problem if he's looking to cash out before retirement.   Denico Autry - I want to bring him back, but if another team try to force us to overpay for him then we should let him walk.   Xavier Rhodes - I was impressed by Rhodes this year.  Bring him back, but not for #1 CB money.  I don't think he's there.  #2 CB money for him and I'm ok.   Anthony Walker Jr. - He can walk.  We need an upgrade.  I'd be fine with drafting his replacement.  But if we can't find anyone I'm down to bring him back.   Malik Hooker - Same as Marlon Mack.  JB has taken his spot.  Either come back on a prove it deal or he can walk also.   Jacoby Brissett - We need to wait and see how our QB search plays out.  If we are able to grab Wentz, Staff, or Wats, then I'm ok with Eason being the backup.  But if we fail on the 3 mentioned and Ballard isn't sold on Eason, I'm fine with JB being a stopgap.  He'll play good enough to keep us competitive but not so good where we have trash draft capital.   Zach Pascal - IDK about this one.  We need to upgrade at WR but due injuries depth is a concern.  50/50.   Mo-Alie Cox - Resign ASAP!  I think MAC is a diamond in the rough.  I honestly think he can be the next Antonio Gates.  Not sure why we don't utilize him more.  
    • The short term future unless they trade a kings ransom to trade or trade up. 
    • I see that also.  He has a great relationship with the team and staff.  I can honestly see this happening if they aren't sold on Eason or can't make any moves.  I wouldn't like this move if we overpay however.
    • I think this a crazy take.   Anthony Walker would be an immediate starter on at least 20 teams in the league. To say we need an upgrade when he's the third best linebacker on the team is just mind boggling to me.   He's limited in what he can and can't do so there absolutely needs to be a max number. If he's back, it needs to be team friendly, simply because of the other players we have in that room. He is literally one of the best in the league at what he excels at though. If we don't keep him, it's because we can't afford to keep him, not because he's not good enough.
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