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Defense needs 2 new corners a linebacker that can cover tight ends and backs and 2 middle defensive tackles? Chris Jones and the other Jones on the cowboys would look good but Ballard isn’t signing anyone that will command more than $10 mill a year

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12 minutes ago, chad72 said:

No, they got Brees the record. Mercy rule will prevail, they won’t score more than 41 and we’ll get a garbage time TD that will matter to someone in fantasy. :) 

No such thing as a mercy rule with Sean Payton

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9 minutes ago, reidaj1812 said:

if Kelly don't start the 2nd half just to see what we have in him im giving up on CB and I was a fan. we need to spend money on a DL in FA and the ones starting would be great back ups. no qb should be able to hit all but one of his passes in the 1sst half of a game. if we don't hit fa hard next year this team will be a joke again


 I think the best bet to see Kelly is on the road vs Jax

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9 minutes ago, MAv said:

Here is the problem, we don't have a downfield receiver... we do not have a receiver that requires a double cover, so teams know we are going for the 10 15 yard passes.... And there you have Antonio Brown sitting at home Chris Ballard should have had a grown * man conversation with him and brought him in


Your joking right?

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29 minutes ago, Fisticuffs111 said:

Holy crap...I just stumbled across Chloe’s Twitter (obvious by the twitter handle) and he/she is blaming absolutely everybody but JB. I’m only saying it because it’s kind of extreme the way she’s calling for coaches/players heads

What’s her Twitter I want to see this mess lol

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