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Rams@Cowboys Thread

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    • Fromm seems like a career backup   I think Eason is a better candidate for the tier 2 QBs 
    • Not sure what you have seen during college or post college to determine that one Qb is a game manager and another other is not.  The physicality prism?     All the Qb can do is to see where to throw the ball, then throw it there accurately. The WRs have to go unscripted too, and find an open spot, or a spot that he can be lead to.      After 5 seconds from the snap of the ball, whether the Qb makes that decision and throws the ball from the pocket or by running to the right hash mark doesn't matter, other than being on the right hash mark provides half as many opportunities to see where to throw the ball and throw it there accurately.   If unscripted means that my $125 mil Qb is carrying the team by making 25 yard scrambles for TDs, and is treated as a runner, I don't want that.  Its pretty to watch and nice to have, but its not really what the Qb position is about, IMO.
    • I believe Reich has shown that he adjusts his offense to his QBs style, Therefore it's most important to get the best QB we can draft, instead of getting the best fit for a certain system   To me Fromm is like Gordon who has a lot to prove (if not more because he had a way more talented team). I keep hearing how smart he is but, Fitzpatrick is one of the smartest QBs to play the game and I wouldn't want him on our team, If we drafted him though I wouldn't trade back into the 1st for him because that would mean at least 3-4 QBs were taken and we could get him with one of our second rnd picks.          
    • The scrambling ability is not why I don’t want Fromm. I want a guy that can put a team on his shoulders when things aren’t going right.  A game manager is not going to give us a team that can compete with Mahomes the next decade. The ability to make plays unscripted though is something that is important in the NFL today with players getting faster. Having a QB that can go off script when a play breaks down is huge.
    • Jones is who I want...even if it's a franchise and trade.   As for DEs...I would look at Clowney. Would step right in and replace Sheard.
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