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Jordan Love - 5 review summary (pros and cons) 12/11/19

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20 hours ago, stitches said:

An interesting stat PFF shared about Love on their most recent 2 for 1 draft podcast - Love has passing grade of 85.7 in first halves of games and 56.2 passing grade second halves. They attribute it to him pressing and trying too hard to will his team to wins and overcome deficits at half time. Most turnover worthy plays in second half of games in the entire nation. 


https://player.fm/series/2-for-1-drafts/connor-rogers-interview-all-draft-stock-team (the part about Love is in the last 5 or so minutes of the episode). 



Here's some more from their quick summary for Love:



-ball jumps out of his hands

-slings it to all levels of the field

-shows touch attacking between linebackers and under the safeties

-overall accuracy is a plus

-one of the best in the country in avoiding sacks - great pocket presence, if guys are in his face he dumps it, doesn't take negative plays.

- converted pressures to sacks - only 10.5% of the time - this is rare, elite level




-51 passer rating under pressure

-so yes, he avoids sacks, but he doesn't make good things happen once he avoids the sack ... so no negative plays, but also not really positive plays under pressure.

-tons of screens , 1/4 of his yards last year came from screens

-doesn't always bring his lower half when he throws, his feet are all over the place, doesn't always step through his throws, leads to inaccuracy downfield. Relies a lot on his arm... similar to Aaron Rodgers in this respect. 

-throws late over the middle of the field


They think he made a mistake declaring, they think he could have been top 5 next year if he transferred and made the required improvements in his game. They think second round is good place to take him. They think it's risky for GM to pick him round 1. 


On the first bolded, I absolutely agree. He lost so much from last year (OL, WR, RB, and coach), and his D is a lot worse. They are in catch up mode a lot this year, and asking him to do way to much.


On the comments about him making a mistake, I disagree. He's shown what he can do with decent talent, and with a decent OC (Yost), last year. Most reports said he was weighing a transfer to get back to Yost. At best, he'd just be replicating the season he had last year, which was very good. Would it raise his stock, maybe... but he's starting to trend middle of the 1st and either the 3rd or 4th QB taken. If he stayed in school, and he had a good year, best he is going to do is be second (after Lawrence), and he's lost out on a paid year. It's kind of a wash IMO if he does go middle first this year.

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It was smart to declare. He needs to get better coaching and learn now at the NFL level. I have heard a lot of analysts say he needs to go to the right team and organization. He needs to sit and get good coaching for a year. If he goes to a bad team they were saying it could ruin him. There are a lot of teams where he would fit perfect. Colts, chargers, Steelers. Any team where he doesn’t have to be the guy right away will be good for him.

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I've seen a lot of discussion about Love, and I don't think most people understand just how much the football program changed around Love from 2018 to 2019. 


Here's what Love lost (below). His 4 top pass catchers. And also keep in mind his leading WR this year is a grad transfer in, that he never played with before. Plus he had two great backs last year, and lost Thompson who was drafted by the NFL IIRC.


Gone in 2019

+++All 5 of his starting OL from 2018. Edwards is the only decent guy that had any starting experience that returned.

Darwin Thompson RB 153 Att 1044 Yds, 6.8 Avg

Aaren Vaughns  WR  33 Rec, 581 Yds, 17.6 Avg

Ron'Quavion Tarver  WR  66 Rec, 709 Yds, 10.7 Avg

Jalen Greene  WR  44 Rec, 689 Yds, 15.7 Avg

Dax Raymond  TE    27 Rec, 345 Yds, 12.8 Avg


So imagine losing all 5 OLs, your lead RB, and your 4 best pass catchers.

And you also have a new HC, OC, OL, and WRs coaches... 


And on top of that, their run defense is giving up 50 more yards per game than last year.

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Well everyone gets a chance to scout. Love is playing in the bowl game friday night against Kent State. Also Saturday night Washington plays if you want to compare/contrast Love with Eason

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3 hours ago, ColtV said:

Well everyone gets a chance to scout. Love is playing in the bowl game friday night against Kent State. Also Saturday night Washington plays if you want to compare/contrast Love with Eason

Yup, thanks for the heads up. 

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Our coaching staff may have an opportunity to coach one of the teams now that we are in that spot of not making the playoffs but won't be firing/hiring the majority of staff

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WalterFootball's 12/19/19 QB ranking update (Love is ranked 9th)


12/19/19: In 2019, Love has completed 61 percent of his passes for 3,085 yards with 17 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. He had some buzz about being a pro prospect coming off his 2018 season, when he completed 64 percent of his passes for 3,567 yards with 32 touchdowns and six interceptions.

As a pro prospect, Love has some good tools to work with. He has a strong arm and can fire some lasers downfield and to the sideline. He also shows the ability to put air under the ball and throw touch passes. Lofting in passes between defenders and throwing receivers open can be tough for strong-armed quarterbacks as they can become too reliant on fast balls. Love does not have that issue. His pocket presence is developed, and he has some mobility to move around as well.

However, Love still has a lot to work on, with his field vision being painfully bad. He consistently locks his eyes on his primary read and does not move them away. He stares down targets and does not look off defenders. Love must start reading the field, working through his progressions, and making better decisions. Team sources felt that Love should have returned for his senior year to improve before going to the NFL, but he declared for the draft. One team source said they had a fourth-/fifth-round grade on Love.

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    • There is no reason for team sources to lie to reps from Walter Football, especially since they know Walter football will not reveal their sources.
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