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Indianapolis Colts
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    • That's a big get for the MTS guys. They're Ballard fans, I think some of them are from KC. I'll listen to this later today.   Edit: Sorry, I was thinking of Stick to Football, not MTS. Never mind my post.
    • How did this become another JB thread?
    • I'm not reading into it that way... I'm thinking this may mean they don't see a QB of value in round 1, so maybe they'll draft a QB later in the draft.  I see a 2 year deal to Rivers as a stop-gap for now.  Let Jacoby be the back-up and play out his deal, maybe bring Kelly up from PS to learn a bit more and see if he makes progress and continues to stay out of off-field trouble.     Next year, if not traded this year, Carr should become a free agent.  There's a decent QB class next year as well.     I see the signing of Rivers (if it happens) as (1) a win-now move (in part to ensure Ballard and Reich stay off the hot seat with another losing season) and (2) a way to bide another year or two of time before we really have to address who the QB of this franchise will be for hopefully another decade.   If we signed Rivers, I think most everyone would agree he'd be an upgrade from JB.  At that point, we're an interior DL, some additions at WR/TE, and potentially another edge rusher and some improvement in the defensive backfield away from being legit SB contenders.     Odds are there will be a stud WR or IDL at 13.  Likely, if we get a stud DL at 13, there will still be a very good WR around in round 2 and probably a very good TE as well.  Maybe we draft a QB in the 3rd to 'groom', but my senses tell me if we sign Rivers it means Ballard and Reich want to contend for the SB this year and will try to fix a couple other glaring holes this offseason, biding time to find our long-term QB for another year or two.
    • Refer back to this prediction when it happens.  Then, post a congratulatory note to me.
    • I feel like Ballard will always shoulder the blame, just because he "gets it." The reason the Colts had to play unproven journeymen in 2019 is because they got hit with a rash of injuries at specific positions. Lots of injuries at corner and WR, and then we had to go get Inman and play guys like Boddy-Calhoun at corner.   And while he's always said you can't buy a locker room, he's now saying he feels like the locker room is "ready" to bring in high profile guys. So he's sort of turning the page, IMO.   Also, he could technically bring in a "big name free agent" in 2020 just by signing a veteran QB like Rivers. Wouldn't that qualify? A trade for SB MVP Nick Foles would check that box as well.    As for the roster composition, I think the team is still at least one draft/rookie season away from really having depth, and still has some holes at specific starting positions right now -- DT, maybe CB, TE, etc. If they're taking a build through the draft approach, there are no shortcuts. You only get a great roster with good depth with the passage of time.   Last thing, I'm not predicting anything about what Ballard does in the offseason. This is going to be a unique year for the Colts, and anything could happen. My protest has primarily been 'let's not fool ourselves into thinking the Colts MUST spend big in 2020, because it's not true.' Not necessarily saying they won't, or will, just that they don't have to.
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