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Indianapolis Colts
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NFL TD record

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Manning 539, Brees at 537, Brady at 536. 

Manning 266 games played

Brees 272 games played

Brady 282 games played

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Some records are made to be broken. 

I think Rice and Emmitt are safe for along time though. 

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    • I would agree with that. Ethics and professionalism go hand in hand quite often.
    • I could see herbert or love at 13 if CB is really sold on them, Fromm i see available with our 3rd pick overall. I would not mind getting kinlaw. But if Lamb was there at 13 i say we have to take him over DT( i think we have a better chance signing a DT than a WR in FA
    • Legally, yes it was. An overreaction, in my opinion yes, just as the OBJ thing is an overreaction. However, it is at her discretion to press charges, as is the officer in the OBJ case. In my opinion, both were overreactions. But legally allowed for charges. 
    • Semantics maybe, but I'd have used 'professional' rather than ethical to describe it. However I understand the point you're making. 
    • I spent most of my 15 years in the field there bud.   yes and yes, more than once.  Some situations warrant charges, others didn't. and I think, in my OPINION, this to be an overreaction.  If this had been such a big deal, he'd been arrested on the spot. No, video came out, officer got embarrassed, decided to press charges. There are sworn police officers at every event of this magnitude, a simple call by the security officer and OBJ would have been arrested on the spot.  I almost guarantee you that is how that went down. 
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