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    • A Z can line up everywhere, and is typically your motion WR. I'd like to see him (Patmon) in motion with some build up speed with his size doing a 9 route. Would be a great mismatch opportunity and/or likely take up a double.    But in general, tired of seeing our Z (Hilton) on the outside, typically the sideline, trying to do a back shoulder or quick come back. I'd simply prefer either someone quicker with better run-separation (like Campbell) or someone bigger that would be more of a mismatch. I think Hilton's last-cut separation and route running would be best used in the slot. 
    • Yeah sort of like a Flanker, next to the TE. That would be interesting, he has the talent, size, and speed to do so but his route running is questionable like you basically said. I do think he makes the 53 so we will see.
    • Something that would be interesting to me is seeing Patmon work at Z if his route running and ball tracking is up to snuff. I think he's fast enough, just not sure he'd be good on cuts. I'd love to see a 9 or backshoulder though.
    • Reggie Wayne used to workout in Miami during the offseason and the league was ok with it and so was Irsay. I don't see the big deal with working out away from the teams facility, several players do it.
    • This is such a cluster.   The NFLPA is really looking out for the veteran players that they feel are established and do not need to go to voluntary things and that they want to protect from excessive team activities etc.   They are 100% not looking out for young or unestablished players trying to crack a roster, keep a job or make a name for themselves.   Also, this stuff is right in contracts. Literally all the players, agents, NFLPA reps know this or should know this. They even have acknowledged that players w $ tied to workout bonuses would likely attend because they are not trying to mess with players' money and livelihood. And yet they did just that by trying to have them work out away from team facilities.   This would totally make sense last year w COVID running crazy. Thinking facilities might not be safe health-wise around a lot of ppl. But this year it was a power grab to try to limit off-season and pre-season workouts and activities.   I always loved the Peyton Manning quote about Marvin Harrison saying "They pay you to practice, the games you play for free. "   At the end of the day this is one of those things where i truly want to feel bad for the players but i have a hard time feeling bad for them. they are just getting terrible guidance and listening to it. hopefully players make wise decisions since this is their livelihood at the end of the day.   I may be in the minority but if it were me id be at the team facility covering my butt and my check lol 
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