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2019 Colts@Tampa Bay Matchup: Stats/Injury/Poll

2019 Colts@Tampa Bay Matchup: Stats/Injury/Poll  

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  1. 1. What will the outcome of the game be

    • Colts by 21 or more
    • Colts by 15-20
    • Colts by 8-14
    • Colts by 4-7
    • Colts by 1-3
    • Tie
    • Bucs by 1-3
    • Bucs by 4-7
    • Bucs by 8-14
    • Bucs by 15-20
    • Bucs by 21 or more
  2. 2. Can JB torch one of the worst passing Ds in the league?

  3. 3. Will our rushing attack have success vs the #2 rushing D?

    • We'll dominate them with 170 or more total rushing yards
    • We'll do very well and be around our 4th rated average of 140 yards (range from 120-169)
    • We'll do average 100-120 yards
    • TB holds us to less than 100 yards

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  • Poll closed on 12/08/2019 at 06:00 PM

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Stats farther below


Quick Summary - Buc's O vs Colts D

Passing - The Bucs have the 4th most passing yards per game in the league while we're the 11th best defending the pass. Winston is a bit hobbled, gets sacked a lot, and throws the most INTs in the league. They have a bottom 10 OL, and will be missing their starting RG. Their best WR is a bit hobbled.

Rushing - They are not the best rushing team (22nd), and Winston shouldn't be much of a running threat either with his knee. 


Quick Summary - Buc's D vs Colts O

Passing - One the worst passing Ds (31st) vs one of the worst passing Os (26th). TB blitzs more than most teams in the NFL, yet aren't very successful in pressuring the QB and average in INTs. It's really all about containing Suh. While not starters, TB has hobbled #2 rotational DBs. Will we see Campbell back and will he torch a very bad group of DBs?

Rushing - 4th best rushing O meets 2nd best rushing D. If we rush well tomorrow, I'll be surprised given they are already good, and will likely do everything they can to make JB beat them. I'd hate to see Mack get hurt trying to come back quickly.


The Bottom Line

Indy should win the game regardless of injuries. TB is near the worst passing D in the league, and our guys will be open. The only question is will JB see them. Given we should be limited in the running game, it's another great opportunity (3rd in 3 weeks) for JB to crush a horrible pass D. On D, Winston and their #1 WR are a bit hobbled, and we should not have too much problem keeping him in check even without Moore. I could see both Sack and INT success tomorrow. 


Prediction - I expect the Colts D to hold TB to 24 or under, and could see our guys getting some picks and sacks. I have zero idea what to expect on O. JB should have a career day.. but..., should have done better the last two weeks vs bad pass Ds. If Mack and/or the other RBs have success tomorrow, then WOW vs a very good run D. 



Top Five Bolded Blue'

Bottom Five Bolded Red

Injured Starters Bolded Green


Buc's Offense

5th in total yards per game 

4th in passing yards per game 

22nd in total rushing yards per game 

4th in total points per game 

13th in Red Zone Offense % 

32nd best in INTs thrown 

24th best in sacks taken 

Out - Cappa G, Miller WR, Logan RB

Questionable  - 

Banged up  - Godwin WR (shin) - was FP, Winston QB (knee) - was FP


Colts Defense

13th in total yards per game allowed 

11th in passing yards allowed 

9th in rushing yards allowed 

11th in points per game allowed 

9th in Red Zone Defense % 

18th best in INTs 

17th best in sacks 

26th in blitz % (23.3%)

18th in QB hurry % 

17th in total QB pressure % (22.2%)

Out - Moore CB/N, 

Questionable  - Hooker S (Foot), Ya-Sin (ankle)

Banged up  - 



Buc's Defense

17th in total yards per game allowed 

31st in passing yards allowed 

2nd in rushing yards allowed 

29th in points per game allowed 

13th in Red Zone Defense % 

16th best in INTs 

14th best in sacks 

2nd in blitz % (43.3%)

29th in QB hurry % 

25th in total QB pressure (21.5%)

Out - Nelson OLB

Questionable  - Dean CB (shoulder) - was FP, Steward DB (knee) - was FP

Banged up  - Pierre-Paul OLB (knee) - was LP


Colts Offense

19th in total yards per game 

26th in passing yards per game 

4th in total rushing yards per game 

17th in total points per game 

8th in Red Zone Offense % 

16th best in INTs thrown 

10th best in sacks taken 

Out - Hilton WR

Questionable  -

Banged up  - Mack RB (hand) - was FP, Alie-Cox TE (thumb) was FP, Campbell WR (hand) was FP, 




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The Vegas line which was down to TB -2.5 for some services, is back to -3 across the board. 

O/U which was a bit higher on some services at 49ish, is at 47 now.

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25 minutes ago, zibby43 said:

Nice preview, @EastStreet


Really in-depth and I like the way it's organized.

Thanks Zib. Trying to refine and make it easier/quicker to hit the important stuff.

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