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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I could see us going for names when it comes to QB (Rivers) or TE (Hooper or Henry).     I'm kind of crossing my fingers for a Rivers/Henry package deal.    I don't think we will bring in Clowney.  Ballard might kick the tires a bit but in the end I think he's over-rated and Ballard will recognize that and will be outbid.  
    • https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/nfl-move-the-sticks-with-daniel-jeremiah-bucky-brooks/id915544088?i=1000466694211   Highlights: - Medicals is the most important part of the QB for GMs - Most accurate and best information helps you make good decisions  - Important to see how prospects handle the big stage at the combine - the more time we can spend with a prospect the better we can get to know him - we let our coaches get the full time in the interview (all 18 minutes) - they gonna present a play, they gonna teach a play, they gonna watch the play, they gonna watch some of the prospect's film and they gonna see if they can repeat back what information was presented to them. Just their capacity to think on their feet, how do they handle the information, and some guys will screw it up.... it might be their interview no.10 and they might repeat something they heard in another room, but it's really a great insight from coaching and scouting perspective about how they learn, what can they retain...  - we are pretty selective - we are in the elimination business - we are going to eliminate the guys that we know don't fit. There is a very strict criteria that they have to meet in order to get onto our draft board and we gonna take them. From a football and personal character stand point there are certain things they have to have. Are they all gonna be perfect? No, but they've gotta be able to fit into the team concept.  - always gonna be front driven. That's how I was raised in this league. I think over time it shows. When you are good on the OLine and DLine, it gives you a chance to win every Sunday. It might not be pretty, it might not be what the world always wants, but when you can block people and control the line of scrimmage, it gives you a chance.  - we are in sub-defense world now where you are playing nickle and dime defense 70-75% of the time. So speed allows you to make mistakes. You can make mistakes but still recover from it. We are playing in ideal conditions in Indy - great building, great surface so we gonna play to that. So we are going to evaluate and acquire as many fast players as we can.  - good coaches adjust to the strengths of their QBs... (this is on question about the new breed of mobile QBs entering the league) - having a player with unique and explosive skillset (talking about players like Deebo Samuel, Parris Campbell, Tyreek Hill) puts a lot of stress on the defense. On the flipside it's important to have versatile defenders that can match with players like that and be able to do multiple different things.    
    • That will be a requirement from the Colts, but not all teams want that from their players.
    • Alright!   We got the band back together on the OL.     If we are in the running to sign Rivers, our odds just went up.  
    • I think he knows that if he's going to try and play at an older age there is no getting around the fact that mentoring a young QB is going to go with the territory.  
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