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Here, let me sum up the next 2 hours of comments:   Every player sucks, every rookie was overrated, Jacoby Brissett is trash, Ballard can't draft, annnnd Frank can't coach.    Save

Man that Leonard is so overrated.   Right @Moosejawcolt

I don't want to jinx him, but Jacoby is having a hell of a game on multiple levels. Maybe his best game this season. 

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1 minute ago, IndyEric07 said:

Why is Hooker never near any play? He always goes for the run or takes the under route! Sick of these effn Suckeyes!

Eberflus has taken him away what he does best. He needs to let him do what he does best.

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    • We shall see. I think if he does anything close to what Lewis did last year he will stick. Lewis wasnt incredible but he did show the tools they thought he had when they drafted him. We need that same thing from Banogou this year or its probably curtains.
    • And as announcers have said, at home we swept, Mets, Dodgers, Padres, and Cardinals. Need reds to be help this week against brewers    And tomorrow starts a series with the Mets in NY. @NFLfan are you going to go to any of them? I saw the tickets were cheap.    I am going to the Marlins Cards game on Tuesday, close to home, in the second section from home. Will be my 5th game there this season. 7th overall   And will give a recap of AZ tomorrow, since I got back   
    • Agree with most of this, but Tannehill's accuracy was never really an issue. Those Miami teams he played for were just bad lol. Some horrible OLs. They finally started building the team correctly, and even Fitzmagic looked good.   Looks like TN is going all-in a bit for the next couple years, so wouldn't be surprised to see their O ask more from Tannehill. Running the wheels off Henry will only get you so far.
    • I wasn't big on landing Wentz but having said that sometimes a change of scenery can change a QB's career. Get with the right team = great run game, good coach than many things can change. There wasn't anyone that ever mentioned Ryan Tannehill as a top 15 QB when he played for the Dolphins, he was considered average by most and many Dolphins fans thought he was bad. Look at him in Tennessee though with Henry and better coaching. He went from average at best to good in most peoples minds. His accuracy is a lot better in Tennessee and with Henry being the focal point that allows Tannehill to make less mistakes and use play action effectively.    In reality, Wentz even has more physical tools than Tannehill has.
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