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Here, let me sum up the next 2 hours of comments:   Every player sucks, every rookie was overrated, Jacoby Brissett is trash, Ballard can't draft, annnnd Frank can't coach.    Save

Man that Leonard is so overrated.   Right @Moosejawcolt

I don't want to jinx him, but Jacoby is having a hell of a game on multiple levels. Maybe his best game this season. 

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1 minute ago, IndyEric07 said:

Why is Hooker never near any play? He always goes for the run or takes the under route! Sick of these effn Suckeyes!

Eberflus has taken him away what he does best. He needs to let him do what he does best.

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    • QB - Wentz, Eason (2) RB - Taylor, Mack, Hines, Jackson (4) WR - Hilton, Pittman, Pascal, Campbell, Dulin, Patmon (6) TE - Doyle, MAC, Granson (3) LT - Fisher, Tevi, Holden (2) LG - Nelson, Reed (2) C - Kelly, Hunt (2) RG - Glowinski, Pinter (2) RT - Smith, Davenport (2)   Offense - 25   RE - Paye, Turay, Rochell (3) NT - Stewart, Woods, Stallworth (3) DT - Buckner (1) LE - Odeyingbo, Mohammad, Lewis (2) Will - Leonard, Glasgow (2) Mike - Okereke, Franklin (2) Sam - Adams, Speed (2) CB - Moore, Rhodes, Ya-Sin, Carrie, Tell, Rodgers (6) FS - Blackmon, Odum,  (2) SS - Willis, Shawn Davis (2)   Defense - 25   K- Blankenship P- Sanchez H- Rhodes   ST- 3   PS - Strachen, Fries, O'Donnell, Ehlinger, Jefferson, Moore, Milligan, Windsor, Chris Williams, Jordan Thomas
    • He also talked highly of Strachan, so just not sure who wins out between Patmon and Strachan. I think Strachan has the edge though, especially from a possession perspective.   I love Dulin. His return STs value faded as the year went along, but his return-coverage was great. Not sure if that will be enough unless he can find a larger roll as WR. Harris is intriguing to me too given his gimmick potential.    Overall, love the comp this year for the spots. Best it's been in a while IMO. 
    • Yeah that really stinks with happened with Funch, his injury was unfortunate. I was wanting to see his game in a Colts uni. I am ok with Pittman as well.
    • Yup. I like Pittman a lot. We haven't had a legit X in the last 15-20 years. Always had smaller speedy guys featured like TY, Marvin, and Reggie and never a good legit big partner at X. Over the last 5 years, our Xs have been tweener guys like Pascal, Grant, Inman, etc.. Funch was a legit X type but we all know what happened there. I literally can't think of legit X type that was 6-3 or bigger in the last 20 years for the Colts.   With Reich's brand of O, I think Pittman will be used a ton. IIRC, very good catch rate compared to the other WRs. Pretty good route running in year one, and great blend of size and speed. If Campbell stays healthy, I think he'll lead us in yards, but if he struggles again, I think Pittman will lead us.
    • Yeah with me Patmon was a no brainer, that 6th spot will be interesting to who we keep.
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