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2017 NFL Draft. What would you do?


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7 minutes ago, runthepost said:

Let’s go back in time. The chargers have just made their pick at number 38. Colts are sitting at pick 46. Dalvin Cook is still on the board. Do you trade up or keep the selection of Quincy?


If we are doing the 20/20 hind sight thing and only considering RBs with only  that pick .. why trade up ... we could stay at 46 and have Mixon or Kamara 

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1 hour ago, Superman said:

I'm not drafting Dalvin Cook there. Kamara is the guy if you want a RB, but I'm probably looking at JuJu or Cooper Kupp.

Yeah running back isn’t really an issue for this team.  WR on the other hand is in a major way.

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1 hour ago, John Hammonds said:

I'm not the person to ask regarding the 2017 draft.  I wanted to draft:

1 - Reuben Foster LB Alabama

2 - Dan Feeney G Indiana

3 - Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson


The Colts would look like the Dolphins right now if I had been in command.

Feeney started 37 games, I'm sure Brissett wouldve appreciated an offensive lineman drafted(who made the team) that year

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It's funny, back in 2017 I was heavily down against Tyus Bowser while many here liked him.


Actually had a dream before the draft that he refused to leave the team building unless our team drafted him with our 1st rounder...and in the dream, he had to be escorted out by Joe Mixon and Arkello Witherspoon. :default_20smile:

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