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Indianapolis Colts
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Over under DeAndre Hopkins tonight

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With the way things have turned out, I know longer have to silently root for the pats. I hope the Texans destroy them. But they won't.


So I'm placing the over at 3. Over or under 3 catches tonight for one of the best WRs in the league?


I'll say two catches for under 30 yards. Stephon Gilmore has his superpowers engaged in New England



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    • Now this is a thread I will love to keep tabs on! I'm already opting out of the idea of taking a WR at 13 even if Lamb or Juedy is there. There looks like a TON of talent to be nabbed between our 34th pick until our 4th rounder. As of now I really like KJ Hill, Peoples-Jones, Pittman, and Gandy-Golden. All will probably be available by our 44th pick, some may last much longer.   And those are names were just my favorite. Aiyuk and Tyler Johnson look pretty good too. Lots of value this year at WR. 
    • I just clarify it's not just him, it's also where he's drafted. And as I said, what to do at pick 34 is a mystery to me so maybe someone like him is the right choice, afterall. I would concede that this early I don't have much to go off of. The bits I had seen of him I was concerned about some body catches and thought he didn't look explosive. His balance looked insane though iirc, definitely can slide out of a tackle. I also try to give players projected in the top 3 round a good look at some point especially if they are in a position of need, so I'm sure I'll watch some play by play stuff on him and may feel different. I think he's great, don't get me wrong, but I like someone like KJ Hill or Donovan Peoples-Jones just as much and they are going in the late second not late 1st/early second. Just my 2 cents.
    • Don't you think losing a pro bowl QB before the start of the season might be part of the problem?     
    • Haeg made $2,025,000. last season and earned every penny.  His new contract I imagine will exceed that. You grossly under value what he is worth to this team.  Your comment is void because he has already been paid over what you think he is worth.  Ballard is not in the habit of over paying players and Haeg has earned the money he is going to be paid. 
    • No matter who the QB is RB is not a big need.  Ballard said he is always trying to improve every position but I imagine RB is not very high on his priority list.  Naturally all teams want a beast RB but with out O-line we don't need one to be successful. 
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