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Indianapolis Colts
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    • OK....    I came back to say I may have been wrong on Adams...   turns out,  I may have been DOUBLY wrong.   First,  I see McShay has him ranked in the mid-40's, which would put him  in the middle of the 2nd round round.   Second, I see in this thread,  some poster says Adams is going back to school.   Good for the kid.   I almost always respect that decision.   Hope it's true, and I hope it pays off for Adams.   Sorry for any confusion.  
    • I know it is difficult evaluating QBs because you have to consider what talent is around them, their coaching, and other factors.  For example, Tom Brady seems to have forever to throw the ball and rarely are the targets contested.  They are usually wide open.  Watch the Super Bowl between the Pats and Eagles.  Most of Nick Foles throws are contested were Brady usually has wide open receivers and little pressure.  But I get what you are saying about Gordon.   Why Gordon impresses me is that he very quickly makes reads and gets rid of the ball fast.  More often, the ball is throw in the best place it could be thrown.  He will hit receivers in stride so they don't have to slow down.  He is very decisive, which is something JB has never been.     So that is why I make the case I like Gordon over Love.  Two guys can both complete the same pass, but it is how they do it and the placement that tells me something. I like Gordon is a better QB then Love.  Loves accuracy is up and down.
    • Yep...there isn’t a lot of accountability to begin with...as you said.
    • There are also several better LBs in the league as well. I don’t think he’s a bad player (though not a very good one either)...but the question isn’t would you keep him on the roster...it’s whether he’s worth a “bag”...as Leonard says. I guess we won’t know unless they give it to him. IMO...I would wait until next offseason to see what Okereke can do in a bigger role.  
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