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The wrong season to be an average football team

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Me like many others on this forum, and Colts fans all over had high hopes for this team this season. First the news about Andrew, and now our playoff hopes rest at a 10% chance. 


I look around at the rest of the AFC and it's a very competitive conference this year; so competitive that a loss this time of the season is brutal. This team is 2-4 against the Texans, Titans, Steelers, and Raiders. Teams who are in the playoff hunt. Asking a team to win out and having 4 other teams lose out who three of those teams play each other is asking for too much. 


As far as Jacoby goes, the future is uncertain with him. The best case scenario for Jacoby is Ballard gives him another chance next season, say this season is a lost because of injuries, let him get fully healthy, draft sign some receivers, and get him some more weapons. Ballard should still draft a Quarterback and have him compete with Brissett in camp. 



Hang in there Colts fans better days are coming!


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