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Titans @ Colts Game Day Thread

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We're at the game. Just got Coach Reich and Quenton Nelson autographs on my flag!   Go COLTS

the greatness this team would be with Luck makes me so sad... 

Refs actually found a way to screw both teams on one review.  Impressive.  

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1 minute ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

damn I thought the only thing he was good at was talking care of the ball and yet he throws that horrible ball probably one of the dumbest throws I've seen 

LOL.  You definitely need to see more football then.  HAHA!

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Just now, Jdubu said:

This game shouldn’t even be this close   Between some questionable play calls, JB being a garbage QB and a couple drops, we should be up by at least 10 now

sadly you are right this titans D is terrible any competent QB with this team would be up at least 14 or more 

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Just now, Jdubu said:

This game shouldn’t even be this close   Between some questionable play calls, JB being a garbage QB and a couple drops, we should be up by at least 10 now

JB is garbage today?  Really??  What game are you watching??

1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

I will agree, that was a bad pass but he rarely does that. If he does it again this game then ok but most QB's make 1 stupid pass a game.

Yep.  We could always count on Andrew tossing a head scratcher every few games.

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    • I'm just linking what was reported.  I don't know what race has to do with this situation, or my comments.  I think the lens you are responsible for needs adjustment.    I don't confuse race with culture, or use the terms interchangeably.  Maybe that's how you read things.  Maybe that's how moderators read things, then attribute banned topics to someone who isn't even talking about them.   "They all", the ex....EX players who complain about culture, whatever they're talking about, amount to about 5 high profile players over the past 5 years, all of whom were either cut or not resigned.  Not sure why they are held up as the pedestal of defining what HOU is or is not.   What do the current 90 players on the team feel about the culture?  How about Tyrod, who just joined the team?  About 150 players have churned through the HOU roster in that time.  Many of them financially independent millionaires, free to say what they want. 150 to 5 have not complain about culture.  IMO, maybe the 5 need new lenses.   Its clearly reported what Watson's issue is with the team, and it started a month after he signed a new contract with a "bad" organization and just as the search for a new HC began.  
    • 2017: Good: Garett Bolles  Worst: Solomon Thomas Colts: Malik Hooker Late: Eddie Jackson/George Kittle   2018: Good: Darius Leonard Worst - Josh Jackson? Colts Darius Leonard, Quenton Nelson,  Late - Fred Warner?    2019: Good - DK Metcalf  Worst - Jerry Tillery Colts - Parris Campbell Late - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson   2020 Good - Tristan Wirfs Worst - Jordan Love(too early?) Colts - Michael Pittman Jr Late - Alex Highsmith?
    • IDK man. I watched every game last year, and several twice. TY simply isn't get a lot of separation (unless he's running in the seam). Compare the other WRs to TY. Here's all the pass catchers from 2020, and I included TY's from 2019 too.   TY20 - 1.26 TY19 - 1.5 PC20 - 2.11 MP20 - 1.58 ZP20 - 1.16 MJ20 - 1.64 DH20 - 1.4 JD20 - 1.2 MAC20 - 1.57 TB20 - 1.11   It looks pretty much like my eyes thought across the board. Looking at River's advanced stats,.... River's "on target" and "bad throw" %s weren't bad. Both Brady and Mahomes had higher bad throw %s than Rivers. Along with my eyes, there just really isn't a stat out there that supports placing the blame on Rivers (over TY).
    • I’m excited for his connection with Big Mo. Similar to Luck Wentz loves his TEs and hopefully he gets more involved on offense.
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