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Titans @ Colts Game Day Thread

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We're at the game. Just got Coach Reich and Quenton Nelson autographs on my flag!   Go COLTS

the greatness this team would be with Luck makes me so sad... 

Refs actually found a way to screw both teams on one review.  Impressive.  

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3 minutes ago, Wyldhorsefan said:

Jacoby isn't going anywhere. He got an extension, and If Frank isn't going to let Adam go after all the misses he has this year, they won't go get another QB especially with all the injuries on the offense, they will say all the injuries to key players  is the direct result of Jacoby's inconsistencies.

If you're going to make that criticism, it should be directed at Ballard. 

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Just now, Shafty138 said:

Dunno.... And who said frank can't call plays anymore?  That trick looked nice


It was a great call. And excellent execution by JB. That fake pitch was pretty sick. Nice job to square up and ensure a quick accurate throw to get Pascal up field. 

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    • I like Smith, but I'd still save the bank and maybe go after Dan Arnold or Gerald Everett first, and max out a contract for one of the stud pass rushers in free agency - yannick, lawson, hendrickson. By doing this then that alleviates two draft picks to spend on those areas and you can concentrate on the total depth on the roster.
    • Bingo. The bolded is why I have little use for their college rankings, etc. Failure to project, or account for changed circumstances, etc. They tend to freeze players in time, when prediction is a major factor in scouting, drafting, and player acquisition.   They said this about Justin Herbert before the draft: There’s a lot of potential with Herbert, but to pick potential over what’s been proven isn’t the best way to go.    About a rookie. Just kind of crazy to me to think that anything is proven about a draft pick, much less to be so dismissive about potential. Just as an example. None of us can know the future, but they have a particular blind spot for anything that hasn't happened yet.   In this case, they make little allowance for Wentz's potential to return to his previous form. Not even the MVP form of 2017, just start with the previously praised level of play in 2019. If Wentz plays that well in 2021, he's already twice as good as any of those other players, except maybe Fitzpatrick (and he's still likely to be decidedly better than Fitzpatrick). It shouldn't be hard to understand why a team would value 28 year old Carson Wentz over 38 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick, right? Or at least mention that basic fact?   And in the ultimate irony, they say 'if you want a previous MVP-level QB, go with Cam Newton,' even though Cam Newton won the MVP six years ago now, and looked like he can't even throw the ball anymore in 2020. So they can ignore Cam's recent performance to make their tortured point, but won't consider adjusting for Wentz's bad year?    It should be obvious that the Colts anticipate Wentz playing better in 2021 than he did in 2020. If he doesn't, this trade will be bad for the team. But to analyze the trade as if it's not even a possibility -- which a lot of people have been doing, btw -- is kind of disingenuous.
    • Denver select Quinn Meinerz, OG/OC , Wisconsin - Whitewater   @runthepostwith the Cowboys on the clock. 
    • Oh, ok...    I wasn’t sure if it was that, or perhaps you didn’t like him very much?   Fair enough...
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