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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You must have reading deficiencies.    I've stated the same thing over and over again.   And you keep getting it wrong.    I have to believe you're smart enough to being that on purpose.   It's part of your Trump-style to arguing and fighting.    Never be wrong.    Never admit to anything.   Change the subject.   Move the goal line.   Always be on offense.    Keep attacking.   What bothers you most about me is that you can't fool me.    I can spot a con artist, and I have.    I hope this gets to your eyes before a moderator removes it.     
    • You see?    There you go again.    That's the whole point.   You pic proves nothing.   Absolutely, nothing.    Saying it does, doesn't make it so.  All it proves is that you have Slingbox -- now.     And, or course,  you ignore what I wrote.    You've not said a word about Slingbox for 5 months.    Until now.   Ignored that fact every time I called you on it.  Have you noticed how many times I've brought up your Slingbox argument that you've never responded to?    Why?    Because you can't.    Why didn't you claim Slingbox 5 months ago?     Why didn't you claim it during the season when the issue surfaced again?     Why did you wait until now,  5 months later?     And even now, with all the endless back and forth,  you STILL CAN'T EXPLAIN IT!     Busted.   Who knows?    Maybe you got Slingbox for Christmas?    Makes no difference.     You have no credibility.    And I've demonstrated that over and over again.     As for another response,  that I sent you?   I have no idea what that is.     Maybe I agreed with you?    Did you ever think of that?    Oh,  why would you ever think that was even possible?   Agreeing with you, or you with me,  is not part of the deal.   Sorry you don't get your way all the time.   Oh, how unfair.....       This is what happens when Control Freaks don't get their way.  
    • Jeudy and Hilton together would be pretty special.  No more holding the ball as if nobody is open. 
    • Love scares you because he didn't have a good 2019 season.    A season in which he lost 9 former offensive starters,  and his coaching staff and the system they played in a very successful 2018 season.      In 2018,  Love completed 64% of his passes for 32 TD's and only 8 interceptions.   Those are quality numbers.     If the numbers were  reversed and his 2018 numbers in 2019,  then you wouldn't be scared of him.       Just remember the circumstances that surrounded the kid this past season.   And he just had a good all-star game playing with talent and better coaching.    You might want to consider that as well.     Just food for thought......  
    • There's little point in starting someone week 1,  and yanking him out by week 4.     Teams that do that typically have made a bad and wrong evaluation on the week 1 starter.   Don't think that will happen to this front office and coaching staff.  
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