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Stop Moving Peyton Manning Threads To Nfl General, Please.

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Peyton isn't apart of any team as of right now. I think that seeing as how Peyton made the colts who they are, we should let ppl post things about Peyton in the colts section as well. He will always be a colt in my heart. I think we should just leave them all posted here for the time being for at least a little while. I mean is leaving it here that big of a rule that must be followed?

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Threads about Peyton Manning moving to another team are by ddefinition not about the Colts. Therefore they will be moved. If a thread is purely about Peyton Manning it will be a judgement call, and if it's about his time as a Colt, then obviously it belongs in this forum.

As much as I personally value Peyton Manning as a player and a former Colt, the truth is that he is a *former* colt now, and as hard and unpleasant as it may be, we do have to begin moving forward.

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    • Please name a team that had a great o-line recently. And with 2 good blocking TE's. And at least 1 good blocking WR. We will see how our other Big WR's come along as blockers.  Our ground game should be dominant in a lot of 4th quarters. That is so boring, and yet so demoralizing to an opponent and their fans.   We shall watch their lamentation and revel in it on our way to glory.
    • Can you think of a recent example where a team won with that formula?  I can’t.
    • Now football changes.  CB appears to be attempting to return to an 80s style of football.        Walsh West coast really with a heavier emphasis on the run,   Short stuff and crossing routes and pass catchers in the backfield.  Walsh’s teams ran a lot more than many realize likely, but compared to other teams of the era they were “pass heavy”.   this might work.  I just think the rules of today’s game make it more expedient to throw the ball.  Can’t hit the QB or the receivers.  Tight secondary reffing.   It’s kinda like baseball IMO, found out the best way to score runs was to take a lot of pitches and swing as hard as you can trying to hit everything out of the stadium like our dads told us not to.  
    • I voted Yes to all 3. It starts up front, if a team has a great O.Line even with a good QB you can win a SB. The QB has to be at least good obviously but with a great O.Line your run game is usually good as well.
    • I don’t think it’s gonna work out. It’s too much leaving not enough for other positions.  Linemen neither score nor prevent TDS.     if you have a great QB on a rookie contract, it could be ultimately successful IMO.  Otherwise I don’t see it.   I want a strong line, when you look at the list of spending, the best SB caliber teams arent on it.     TENN is not SB caliber.  They had a nice run last year but were in tenuous playoff position at the end of the year.   BUFF maybe, but they are towards the bottom of the list.  And Allen won’t be on a rookie contract much longer.   spending that much will make likely 2 things: 1.  We will be at least good offensively. 2.  We will not be a good enough team on D and at skill positions to be championship caliber.
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