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18 hours ago, Valpo2004 said:


I think when you are in this spot the only thing you can do is roll the dice, either by making a big trade up or by taking a pick with a lot of question marks on him.  


Because it's really hard to dump a decent QB for a terrible QB and explain to the fans.  I think some of the fans understand the value of tanking, but I tend to think many do not and it's pretty looked down upon anyways.  


In my view in all honesty, since playoffs seems pretty unlikely at this point, Colts should tank all of the rest of the games.   Go 6 - 10 and we can likely draft somewhere within a few picks of 10th overall.  At that spot maybe we could package our 2nds with the 2021 first to make a trade up with the Giants for one of the blue chip QB's.  

Tanking is for losers with loser mentalities.

This team is not going to tank, that is a pile of horse dung. 

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