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Indianapolis Colts

Ballard was at the Utah State game tonight (watching Jordan Love)

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11 hours ago, MPStack said:

I don’t disagree with this, especially this early. Love’s stock my skyrocket come draft day. We just don’t know. 

Yes.  If Ballard believes that he is worth a round one pick, he won't be the only GM that thinks so.  And if Love is worth a round one or round 2 pick, and because CB has been outed as being at Utah State games, every other GM will figure Ballard will take him with our mid first or Redskins second.  Then the bidding frenzy begins.  Ballard will have to figure on this too and will sort of have to bid against himself to move up to beat the teams who will be moving up ahead of the Colts.


That's how QBs get overdrafted.  Not saying that Love wouldn't be worth it though.

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12 hours ago, richard pallo said:

And I will go one hot take further.  Ballard will trade up to get him.

I could see that too. 

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