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On 11/22/2019 at 11:05 AM, CanuckColtsFan said:

Not every team gets a Luck, Watson, Mahomes. Sometimes you get Alex Smith, go win.


And sometimes you lose a Drew Bledsoe & gain a Tom Brady .. JB is a caretaker we need a kicker & QB period .. 

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    • More time to get beer and food before the game starts!   WINNING !   Always look on the bright side of life.
    • I honestly can't see how Brady will thrive in Arians offense. His offense is a lot of 7 step drops and long forming routes and that's not Brady's game. His game is a lot of quick passes. Not sure how that will work.
    • Not a fan of this.  They shouldnt callit the bleck national anthem.  
    • I don't see masks being effective in such a competitive situation...  non contact, non respiratory space being impossible to control. I am coming closer to feeling that viable sports seasons are unlikely until there are therapeutics and ultimately a vaccine available.   Sucks a Lot!
    • 1. The Browns are "The Browns" 2. I don't care for Arians, but he's vastly superior to Kitchens.  3. TB has a top 10 OL, while the Browns have a bottom 10 4. I'll take a 42 year old TB who was led the #8 passing O last year even though he had a ragtag group of pass catchers. He's going to a team who had the #1 passing O last year, and some of the best pass catchers. 5. The only thing TB needs this year, is to improve their pass D. They drafted a pretty good S in R2. IMO, their pass rush should be better this year too. It'll be the second year in Bowles' system, so I expect the DBs to improve a decent amount (Bowles has a DB history) on that aspect alone.   Not saying they're going to win the SB or anything, but they're not going to be the 2019 Browns either.   I honestly hope both TB and NE have losing seasons, but I certainly wouldn't bet on it.
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