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Frank was bad tonight


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There is a lot of good conversation on the athletic podcast today about Reich. One of the big ones was how he was trying to make sure not to give the Texans the ball back and tried to score leaving no time left. They talk about how when you do that you only have one shot and by running that much clock off it doesn’t give you another shot if it doesn’t work. That he needs to start being more aggressive. They talked about he was coaching as if we had a lead instead of three points down.  Basically they are playing to timid. Instead of being aggressive and taking it to the other team.


Another point they make is how maybe that is why Jacoby doesn’t take many shots down field. He is taking Reichs philosophy to serious. He had Johnson for a touchdown and did not take shot. They talked about maybe he does that because Reichs philosophy was to leave no time on the clock for Houston. 

If you are a subscriber to the Athletic it’s a really good conversation to listen to.

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On 11/21/2019 at 11:24 PM, Fisticuffs111 said:

I don't think it's Reich's ego. I thought this was the most telling game in terms of what Reich thinks of our passing game right now.

There was one play specifically, one of TY's drops, where he was wide open coming out of the break. The problem is, Brissett rarely hits receiver's coming out of their breaks. And that's been a recurring theme with him.

If you're that unconfident in the pass game why throw on third and medium 3  drives in a row?

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