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Indianapolis Colts
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    • We'll see. Nothing would shock me, but I'd be surprised if he turns down the cash. Collecting 50Mish and playing next to Q (which will make things considerably easier) during that time, has to be hard to turn down.    
    • Yes. There's actually a BBQ place and a ranch that uses the same play.
    • Either you're technologically illiterate or simply unaware of what's out there... I have two slingboxes and Kodi with several sports add ons....  Here's what they do. https://www.slingbox.com/ https://kodi.tv/ I have one (M1 slingbox) networked at my mother's house which let's me watch and control one of her cable boxes. I also have Kodi which you can stream about anything you want. Since you are calling me a liar, please say the word and I will post a pic or vid clip of me logging into the slingbox and showing something local to Indy....    Problem is, aside from anecdotal throw up, you provide no actual facts to back up any of your arguments. If it's such a waste of time, stop replying to posts that aren't even addressed to you. This is rich. I specifically called you out for deflecting and changing topics. What started on one topic has now moved to several topics...  Like I said, quote the posts and the context.... Personally, I'm sure I called out specific game plans or calls like I've done this last season. It's rare I'm not specific with applied example and context (unlike you)... But like I said, stop with the anecdotal lazy garbage and provide detail.   See above... Quote a specific post. We can then discuss the specific game/series/play. But you won't....  You can't resist being you. I've asked you to ignore my posts... If you can't resist, use some fact, quote the posts, and stop your nonsense. I doubt you'll stop because you love pontificating with anecdotal lazy stuff trying to pass off as some wise sage with "industry" experience, which you are not.
    • I like what I saw out of Jordan Love yesterday. His ball placement on the deep throw was excellent even though the receiver dropped the pass. His decision making is pretty quick. If option one is covered, he quickly throwing to other options. I know that reading all these comments that it seems like we are split down the middle when it comes to him.  Outside of pick #1. There are reasons to pick the guy and there are enough reasons for someone to talk you out of that pick. The same could be said of Lamar Jackson and Pat Mahomes when they came out.  But the question should be is Jordan Love better than JB. And the answer to that is yes. If the Colts pick him at 13. I don’t see him sitting the bench long. I see him out playing JB from the start of TC. And if you thought the noise from the fan base for Chad Kelly was loud. It will be even louder if they select Jordan Love at 13
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