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i cant believe the play calling down the stretch , it blew the game keep getting yourself in 3rd and long because they know you cant do anything but run.   the sad part is we turned into the titans a 8-8 or 9-7 team that plays hard and just runs all game .  my fear is we will be stuck being to good to draft a good QB to bad to be a contender .   it is what it is .   we got spoiled with manning and luck.

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Just now, Flash7 said:

Kinda hard to put this on Reich when you have a QB that refuses to throw more than 5-yards down field.


Brisett: 129 yards with 2:00 left in the 4th.

Exactly.... He cant progress through reads.... And he can't throw a man open, he just throws to spots, or comebacks, has this dude ever thrown a slant or crossing route in his damn life?

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Just now, Moosejawcolt said:

It is over.  U can't tell me that u see this team going far even if we make the play offs?  This passing game is beyond terrible.

I agree, but at 6-5 i will not call it a season yet. But even if we only play a wild card game, it's all experience for our young guys. It's too late to give it all up and get a top 10 pick

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1 minute ago, Chrisaaron1023 said:

Season is far from over. Texans still have pats and two games vs Titans. But the AFC south is gonna be a mess..

Agree. I’m just not sure we have the QB to get us there, the coaching lacks something and the players are being made soft. They certainly are hard to enjoy week to week. 

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1 minute ago, BloodyChamp said:

I can’t believe people blaming the J man. Frank Reich called a Bill O’Brien or Andy Reid in a big game type game and that’s what happened here. 

Your ridiculous.  Brissett is a great guy, teammate, leader.... Just not a starting qb

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I've seen better gameplans and execution watching high school games than this nonsense the coaching staff ran out there tonight - pun intended.


I mean seriously, number 33 is a good story and all but you feature him in half of the gameplan? Get outta here with that nonsense.


Texans came to play. The Colts did not. Simply put.

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