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Wow. i’m rather surprised by the negativity. we havent played well and we’re right in there in a hostile environment against a really good team.   We’re in great shape for the 2nd half.

Gonna ignore the tackle by the helmet on the pick? #playersafety

To my eyes, neither of the last two holding calls on Kelly and Glowinski were legit. Kelly just fell on the DL who was going diving. Glowinski barely touched on the call against him.

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Just now, Moosejawcolt said:

Well we know what we have after 11 games.  A good D....a good running game a terrible passing game.  Now we know where to draft.

Going to have to give up a lot of picks to move up though... 

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Just now, Moosejawcolt said:

Well we know what we have after 11 games.  A good D....a good running game a terrible passing game.  Now we know where to draft.

Yep.  Figure out what direction to go at QB, they will probably stick with JB.... And try to add some talent at WR, OL, TE, DT

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1 minute ago, ColtStrong2013 said:


On a two point conversion on a meaningless play in a blowout. 




Division title possibly on the line. Down 3. Big drop. 

Yeah, glancing off a lbers hands across middle is a pass break up before it's a drop.... We will just agree to disagree.... If he could catch, he wouldn't be a lb.... He'd play te

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Just now, Fisticuffs111 said:

I really don't like that 2nd down call. Do play action or something. We can't run every single down here.

I think Reich figures we can't give the Texans time with the ball.... Win or lose, he wants to have the ball till the end

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    • He is a leader in the locker room.     Also,   he is obviously much better than Chad
    • Yep.... I’m fine with Stafford.. no bueno on Wentz.   And as long as we’re dreaming.... trade for Stafford and sign his pal WR Kenny Golladay. 
    • Great.  Now I can’t root for getting lance so you don’t die.  Thanks a lot. 
    • I have been a Colts fan since I was 7 years old and that is a long time.  I have never seen an organization kiss a players behind like the Colts do with Jacoby Brissett.  Brissett was a 3rd round pick of the Patriots who started one game as a rookie.  He was then traded to the Colts for their former #1 pick Phillip Dorsett and anointed the starter because of Lucks injury.  The Colts had zero offense with him behind the center.  Two years later, Luck abruptly retires and Brissett is given a huge two year contract and called the teams new franchise QB.  Once again, they had almost no offense with Brissett at QB.  People love to point out they were 5-2 at one point, but that had more to do with running the ball and play defense than Brissett.    So after last year they bring in Philips Rivers as an upgrade and Brissett goes to the bench.  Now, if this were any other position or player on the team, he would be quickly forget ton about.  But not the Colts!  Ballard said he doesn't count Brissett first year starting because he came in with so little practice with the team.  And then 2019 he doesn't blame that on Brissett but "failure in many areas".  The bring in Rivers, but say early on they love Brissett and will make a package of plays to get him involved in the game as well.  Anytime I hear Reich and Ballard talk about Rivers or QBs going forward, they always talk glowingly about Brissett.  Who is the Colts man of the year?  Brissett. Now lets compare that to another player Ballard loved.  Clayton Geathers.  Ballard said Geathers was everything he wanted in a Colts player.  A great leader and voice in the locker room.  Yet, as soon as he could replace him, he did and we never heard another word from him.    That is how Ballard and Reich deal with every player.....except Brissett.  I have never in my life seen a mediocre, at best, backup QB get so much love and attention.  What scares me is if they try to resign him!!!  Ballard can't even say Jacob Eason could be the backup QB next year, but he certainly can praise Brissett when he got him from the Patriots even though he had played once NFL game and was otherwise the Patriots 3rd string QB. I am sure Brissett is a great guy and well liked.  But he is a terrible NFL starting QB.  I cannot wait until that guy signs with another team so I don't have to hear or read anymore about how the Colts are kissing his you know what.  It is sickening.  All that money for a guy who probably isn't any better than Chad Kelly.
    • Gimme Stafford or Wentz for a 3rd, nothing more if Ballard and this front office doesn’t believe Eason is the answer or if they won’t be able to get someone like Trey Lance in the draft. 
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