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Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread


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I’ve been itching for this game since Sunday.

Please don’t ruin my night, Colts


5 minutes ago, MB-ColtsFan said:

Thanks, Nadine!

Hope LOS is not put on the IR.


MUST win tonight.  With TY and Desir playing and seeing their walking wounded, I think we have this one - as long as TY gets at least 50yds or so.  35-17 Colts.

Go Colts!  All day.  Every day!!  :coltshelmet:

I’d love that prediction to come true lol

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    • Because at some point we are going to have to get the long term solution. The bills made the playoffs in 2018. Then a couple months later in the draft they drafted Allen. They traded a couple players and picks to draft him. They knew it would take a year or two to develop so in that time they replaced the players they lost. They took a short term setback to get a long term gain. Should they have just been satisfied with Tyrod Taylor and the playoffs? They targeted a QB and making the playoffs didn’t stop them from doing that. Now in saying that there has to actually be a QB the Colts love that much to do this. I don’t know if there will be. Giving up more assets for a vet QB doesn’t get us to the long term solution.
    • I never considered him long-term solution. I wouldn't have given up all that draft capital for him. I thought of his as a good flyer to take on a talented guy with hopes we can rehabilitate him.    Ballard and Reich on the other hand shelled enough resources on him both picks wise and $$-wise that you cannot consider him anything but their long-term solution at QB.    And I can write him off after a year because of the things he's shown and his inability to change some significant flaws in his game that needed to be changed. I disagree he's failed in just two games. He was failing every second week, but was being covered by insane form of the rest of the roster and especially the run game. People just refused to see it because the team was winning despite his no shows in multiple games. 
    • Ok...but if you are going to really crash and burn...then  I guess I would do it with a cheap or rookie QB.    Running it back with Wentz to crash and burn seems counter-intuitive. He's certainly not looking to do that, so he will be playing for his career. And if he does crash and burn, it just reflects even more poorly on the GM and HC. And if it's embarrassing enough to Irsay, it might cost someone their job.   Plus, he will be a constant topic of debate every week he is the starter. And that could easily become a distraction. And while the locker room is strong, I don't think any locker room is above potential division.   And if Wentz is just an average QB, you are still picking middle of the round at best. Or maybe they even sneak into playoffs, then you suddenly have a QB controversy.   I know I am being repetitive, but I just see so much downside with very little upside.   I don't know...even though it's cliche...ripping the band-aid off seems like the best path.
    • Ratings matter, integrity has no place in the "new" NFL. 
    • They lost when they couldn't stop them on first few drives of game, especially the run.  That's when I tuned out.... 
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