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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Nelson was a no brainer in my opinion.  Even though his position has less value, he is so good that it makes up quite a bit of ground.  Smith pick has been fantastic.  He's playing at a high level at a higher valued position.   It sucks that the org was in a position to have to spend so much draft capital on interior linemen, but that was where they were weakest by far.  Luck used to get pummeled right up the middle.  It is amazing how good he played when he was getting all that pressure in his face.  It is hard to scramble well when the pressure comes directly from between the tackles.   I think everyone is underestimating some of the effectiveness of the players on this team because of the terrible QB play and the collapse of a young defense during the last month.   Prior to the last month the D was very good.   The rushing offense is fantastic on this one dimensional team.   Doug the elephant in the room is that we went from a great QB to a crap one.  It is impossible to discuss everything else without getting into Jacoby.    With Luck, we could be playing in 2 weeks IMO.  I am not saying that for sure, but I think it would be possible for the team to show up better than KC.  We might have even had homefield advantage.  Their run D is subpar and probably we could have exploited that.  I think it would have been probable that the Colts would have improved more than KC improved since the playoff game a year ago.     I think it would be tough, but I also think that beating KC is a daunting task for anyone.   I think anyone counting out Rock is short sighted.  He played relatively well with the exception of that one game.  I think he's a good one.     I agree we need a DT, but who doesn't?  SF and a couple other teams maybe.   Again, I think an above average guy, a top 3rd QB would have this team right up there.  I think we would need to fill a couple of other needs to be on KC, SF, maybe NO level.
    • If AC retires  Draft QB round 1 or Kinlaw Draft Jones OT round 2
    • How much does Becton weigh? Some sites say 370 some say 340
    • I I never said anything about the timeline.  Once again, you said you thought Glenn retired because he was PO'd that Polian drafted his replacement.  I replied, as stated above, that I know for a fact that is not what happened.  Then you replied that maybe he wasn't po'ed, etc etc. to which I just explained why Glenn retired, something that, because of a family member, I had some inside information on, when I first posted what actually happened I thought you would appreciate knowing that, I didn't know you were going to start whining because what you thought was, in fact, wrong.    I didn't attack your posts, I did not say that your timeline was wrong, I just said Glenn did not retire because he was po'ed that Polian drafted his replacement... he retired because HE DIDN'T HAVE THE DESIRE TO LOSE THE WEIGHT NECESSARY TO CONTINUE.  You are the only one that started crying about attacking posts, blah blah blah.
    • Damn, didn't know that. That's brutal.  
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