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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think improving just iDL, or even both iDL and DE would make the back end look much much better. I look at things heavily based on chosen scheme. Our current scheme simply won't work without an improved pass rush. And our pass rush ranked pretty darn low. I think improvements in that are make the whole machine hum along better, and we'd see the DBs look more "ball hawking" instead of  "geesh, how long to I have to cover this guy". While I've never been a big fan of Geathers, I think Desir if perhaps the bigger need to upgrade as far as DBs are concerned. But again, perhaps they both look a lot better if we had a decent pass rush. I really love using Oke at both SAM, and on passing downs at MIKE. It's great bang for the buck. Since we use SAM a third or less % of the time, it's great to get more value out of Oke by getting passing down snaps from him at MIKE. I'm not a fan of Walker in passing downs, but even less of a fan of Oke in running downs at MIKE. I am a big fan of Walker in running downs though. Walker won't compel a big dollar contract only being a 2 down LB, so not sure you have to worry about a big extension.    On his grade, keep in mind that Walkers grade suffered when he moved to WILL when Leonard was out for 3 games, and he played 100ish% of snaps and had to defend the pass. Honestly I wish they would have left Walker at MIKE and let fill in for Leonard at WILL. IIRC, Walker is only making 2.6M now, which is less than Oke and Speed. He's not a FA until 21, so we've got time. While he's likely not a pressing need for the FO, I wouldn't be shocked to see him sign something in the 5-6M range sooner than later, which would be at the bottom of the top 20. 8-9 would put him in the 12-13 range, and honestly I don't see that given he's a 2 down guy.
    • I would think with the talent they have they would want more of a veteran. They are in a win now mode. A rookie sets them back. They are not on a rebuilding mode. They have more talent then the colts I think. Go after a tackle in the first and get a veteran. They are getting ready to play in the new stadium so maybe they want a young exciting QB. So much can change after FA starts. If they get Brady they have to take a tackle at 6 though.
    • I was into the AAF quite a bit.  The style was NFL-like.   Not sure I'm up for another disappointment.  The last time for the XFL was so poor, it makes me question this time.   Will they be able to leave the WWF out of it this time?    
    • I have to admit, I really don't feel anything.  Probably because I haven't watched the NBA for a long time.    Does the grieving outpour stem from him being a Laker?   I get that he is probably a top 5 all time NBA player.     Sad tragedy for sure.    
    • I agree with this that the Chargers are very close.  I have always had Brady going there.  Dalton also makes sense.  If they get either one then they are a trade back candidate.  Could be a perfect spot for the Colts.  
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