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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Mm.  Thing is, 'improvement' doesn't necessarily mean "becomes insanely good at this thing."  In Brissett's case, and many other second tier QBs, improvement happens when you find a scheme that's a fit for what he can do and minimizes the issues he struggles with.   The problem with that comes when a player has a fatal flaw.  Something that will seriously hold you back no matter what scheme you're in.    The good news is that you can probably scheme around a QB who holds onto the ball too long, especially if you can isolate and mitigate the cause.  It's an issue, but not a fatal one.  Brissett could, in theory, be worked with.  Not to magically make him accurate at long range or turn him into Drew Brees, but at least get him to the point where even with these issues, we can advance the ball downfield.   This compared to Jameis Winston, whose fatal flaw is the inability to read a defense and whose instinct is to throw and hope rather than read and respond.  That's how I see his issues lying, and I wouldn't touch that guy with a 10 foot pole because it speaks to a player who is stubborn, headstrong and not nearly as intelligent as he thinks he is.   I've said this before in this thread but I'd rather have a quarterback whose biggest flaw is he tries too hard to avoid turnovers, than have to coach a QB at the highest professional level how to think a pass when it's clear he'd been coasting on talent and never learned.  You can coach an overcautious QB, or find him WRs he can synergize with.  An overaggressive QB is much harder to train, especially if they had great success at lower levels.
    • normally i say the same thing but QBs are different imo.  we may never find a good qb if they go bpa every year    what if we keep picking in the 10-20 range? there will never be a sure thing QB at those spots 
    • Like games against the Raiders, Chiefs, second game against the Texans, both games against the Jaguars, Saints, and Panthers. The Titans and the Bucs games he was terrible after halftime and couldn’t make the passes needed. That’s 10 games out of 15 games he was below average or terrible.
    • In this example, both Brown and Kinlaw are off the board.  Drafting by position only is a terrible strategy.  Get good players.  Of course there are higher priority needs, but if the players for that position aren't there and you get can get a possible blue chip prospect at 13 (!) I don't know why you would dismiss it.
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