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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You do realize that if he hard more yards and touchdowns his other stats would have also improved. He was completing almost 70% early in the season.    Also, your right. I would like to see him at least get a fat shake. Everyone blames the whole season on him. Guess what winning is a team effort and losing is also. 
    • If I were convinced he had his head straight, and he'd get a fair shot in an open competition, than I'd be all for Swagadocious. There's no doubt he's got the talent. 
    • I personally don't like Gordon, I think he doesn't have the arm strength for the NFL. I've looked at his throws over 20 yards and they look bad
    • At Senior Bowl Gordon was 6'2.2" 199lbs Love was 6'3.5" 223lbs   So roughly 24 lbs different and an 1inch   https://thedraftnetwork.com/articles/senior-bowl-weigh-in-results  
    • First, you didn't ask that. You'd asked if I would still want a QB if we were "9-7 and xxx"...    If we were 9-7, and JB still had the same QBR, same AVG, same Comp%, etc., and same issues with field vision and progressions, than I'd absolutely still want a QB....   Bad is bad. You wouldn't ask that question if we were talking about any other position if they were performing badly, so why ask it about a QB. If your WR can't catch, would you still want to draft one if we were 9-7???   You have to spend draft capital on every pick regardless of position. A "reach" is a subjective term. Teams trade up every year to get players. What if Love is available late 1st or early 2nd like in some mainstream mocks? Is that still a reach. Taking Gordon in the second, is that still a reach?   I get it, you want to see JB get another shot. That's great, but most of us are moving on and would want a QB regardless of record. We simply are satisfied with our evaluation of JB's ceiling, and we think he's capped at mediocre. I'd take Burrow, Herbert, Love, Gordon, Eason, Hurts, Kelly, and Carr all over JB. And if it didn't work out, I'd be fine with that, and look for the next guy.
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