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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think she is just coming from the backstory that AC has interests outside of football.  Not purely recreational but interests that a normal person would have that would allow him to support himself in a manner that he wants to despite already having millions in the bank from playing football for 9 years.   I have read this too in the past, but have no links.     But if you want to talk tendencies of people, he is reportedly a Rhodes Scholar and people like that tend to pursue interests other than purely being drawn towards getting another $50mil.  Not saying the money doesn't matter.   There comes a point in a persons life where how you spend your time, every minute of your life, becomes more important than how much EXTRA money you have.  Just sayin.
    • Most that leave early have injury issues pressing them. If you look at the majority, if not all of the big names retiring early, most are skill positions. Feel free to name an OL that retired early near the peak of his career when offered 50M or more to stay. You'll have to look pretty hard to find one, and what you will find are mostly RBs, QBs, WRs, TEs, etc that for the most part have made considerable more bank than AC.   Sweet Jesus, look at the history.....   Not saying he won't retire, but you're acting like it's common. Quit acting like it's obvious and that you're the voice of reason here.
    • I just re-lived it. Well, back to therapy for me. 
    • How are they alike?    Outside of some facial hair, they both grew up very different, and followed very different paths to the NFL. AC was from a working class Italian family in IL, and went to a military academy. He was only a 2 star prospect going into college. Luck was born into a family with a ton of money, lived abroad, and was a 5 star or high 4 star recruit going into college depending what service you look at.   Not saying they don't have similarities, or haven't bonded, but there's a lot that is very different. 
    • He's smart enough to make money doing other things besides play football.   Its not like he's got a huge posse to fund for the rest of his life because he can't do anything for himself.   I'm assuming the decision to retire or not is not based on money, he knows he's going to be rich if he stays and has already factored that in before making this announcement to decide.   But money can certainly influence it.   I think playing under the franchise tag for one year makes sense for both sides.
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