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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I doubt anyone will need to beg. He's only 31. Even if he played another 4 years, he'd be 35. That's still very young. He commented that he's never felt healthier, so doubt injury or QoL is a big part of the thought process. If he's no longer passionate and doesn't need the money, great... I just think he will look at the situation, weigh things, and come back.
    • I have ALWAYS thought that accuracy, instinct, and pocket awareness were the best traits I look for in a QB.  Remember, although his arm wasn't exactly "weak", Peyton's arm strength probably wasn't in the upper echelon on the NFL.  But Peyton was SO much smarter, he could anticipate,  he could throw WR's open, and he was pretty accurate.  And once he settled in, he stopped turning the ball over so much.  I would take a QB like that over a guy who can just throw it through a wall but doesn't do those other things as well.   If we can find a guy like that whether that be in the draft or in FA, I'm all for it, no matter what his name is.
    • I get your logic and of course no one really knows what any prospect will actually do in the NFL   But.... on the surface   on paper Love has a much higher ceiling than JB Eason has a much higher ceiling than JB Gordon has a much higher ceiling than JB Even Fromm has a higher ceiling than JB   I believe Herbert, Burrows, and Tua, would outplay JB, play one, day one in NFL   Thats why I am more open to a trade that brings one of these 3 to Indy   Love will need to sit for at least a year as would the others outside of the top 3   Thats why if we use the better than JB argument than there are options available in this draft  
    • Having reached the point in my life where wanting more time is more of a goal than wanting more money, I can see why AC is thinking about this. His time/money line is drawn at a lot younger age than me, surely because of different circumstances.    Ballard's interview said that he would never ask or beg a player to come back.  That he needs to be all in.  But I would think that a one-year franchise tag would give AC time to soak in how much he loves the game or wants to move on.  I would trust his character to be the type that would give it his all for one year, even if he decides half way though he's done.
    • I don't disagree with anything you said. He was in fact nominated for a RS 2010, but obviously did not pursue. I'm sure he has post NFL interests and aspirations, but he's young, and would be young after another few years. If he had CTS or other injury concerns, I would tend to lean towards him retiring, but that's not the case as far as I know. Again, wouldn't shock me if he retired, I just doubt he does.
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