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Indianapolis Colts

Colts vs Jaguars Game Day Thread

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Great performance on both sides of the ball.  Let’s just hope the injuries aren’t too bad and can be recovered from before Thursday.

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Ist place, Ist place, Ist place, Ist place, Jacoby, Jacoby, Jacoby, Jacoby, Jacoby. Chanting away :thmup:. Vinny, Vinny, Vinny, Vinny. What a wonderful day happy homer simpson GIF

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    • With 3 interceptions Winston's QBR was 11 points higher (better) than Brissett. This shouldn't even be possible when you score 35 points but we did it.  Our completion % is horrible 
    • We're just starting to get all the pieces of the puzzle. This needs to continue, but we need to learn how to put them all together and play for 60 minutes.   We really need to figure out how to address suffering too many injuries. I suspect people are trying to overplay their positions and talent level. This is especially true when one player tries to cover the mistakes of another player. Just don't do it!
    • Agreed. That is what is so dang upsetting about this season. This TEAM is better at every position than it was two years ago and even last year (when healthy) except for one position. That being QB. Brissett is not a bad QB. He’s a solid QB but he’s still lacking in several non-physical areas. Being that they are mental, perhaps they can be coached out. But I don’t think he’s going to be much more than a Alex Smith type QB. I see that being his ceiling. Now does Ballard pull a magic trick and upgrade, maybe. That remains to be seen
    • The sticking with the zone D was my biggest disappointment. I don't expect miracles from Brissett or supposedly elite Hooker (who admittedly is tackling better but seems out of position a lot either by mistake or by the design of the D). Maybe they were afraid to play man out of some combination of fearing they couldn't match the speed of Goodwin/Evans or with Moore being out. But the zone obviously wasn't working. If they had to stick with it, couldn't they have at least changed it up to put at least one lb in the deep middle like Okereke to try and stop the not so slow death of playing zone D?
    • Still hope we draft a receiver or target 1 in free agency. Maybe trade for Godwin 
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