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Indianapolis Colts
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    • you said Viniateri was who you would trade.. I said that would cost us in value versus gaining in a trade...    meaning: we would be more likely to have to pay someone to accept his trade than someone pay us for him.    Understand? example:  Chris Ballard to Bengals: we’ll trade you 13, 34, next years 1st, 2nd, and Viniateri for that #1 pick (Joe Burrow)   Bengals: Drop Viniateri and you have  a deal... otherwise, go ahead and throw your 3rd round pick in there. 
    • This. If he comes back I suspect it’s going to be a very easy negotiation. Ballard knows what he is worth and AC isn’t looking to be the highest paid. But it won’t shock me if he does end up the highest paid LT.
    • So the head to head matchup doesn’t mean anything? That’s kind of strange.
    • Gonna disagree on the underlying premise here. Reich has been building the offense around a scheme, more than a person. Sure play calling is subject to personnel, but Reich doesn't want to build something predicated on a person. He wants guys, QB included, that fit his offensive scheme.  The things that are causing him to hold onto the ball a long time, are the real issues, and are not exactly easy to solve. They are the same things he's been struggling with consistently since college. Again, IMO, Reich wants to build more around a scheme, not a player. Do you really think he wants to change his coaching scheme/identity?    Also, on elite slot guy, Brissett has struggled to hit open slots all year in the seam +5 yards, and especially +10. The seam is prime time locale for slots and TEs, and JB simply missed them most of year. Plenty of struggles in this area before injuries took their toll, and plenty of all-22 shots showing open guys in the seam even after the injuries. You can look at Nextgen's passing charts on JB and see the same thing.   Hypothetically speaking, what specifically is needed to promote JB's strengths. We already have a top 5ish OL and running game. We had two pretty good TEs most of the year. Sure we had injury issues with WRs, but we still had plenty of open guys even with replacement guys.    Reich's O is already a lot of short passes, and occasional deep shots. The deep shots aren't necessarily to an area though (some are), that's more a Chud type O. So you're basically saying mask his inability to be accurate, and Reich should change his core scheme principal instead of finding a player to fit his offensive philosophy?  Don't agree here. JB simply didn't go deep a lot early. They tried to go deep more later, but simply was not successful. Take a look at the Nextgen weekly charts.    You also need to take into account that teams started playing us different after they got tape on JB. They started zoning more, which JB also struggled with, even with WRs getting open. They also started focusing on the run and daring him to pass, playing farther off the line. Even some of the worst passing Ds gave him significant trouble. There are very real reasons why he was turned into a game manager several games.  To wrap this up, he's no AR, but he's also deficient in a lot of areas and not a lot of other guys either. His average rank for instance in the 4 core QB measurements (YPG, QBR, Comp%, AVG) are 27th IIRC. While even a game manager QB like Jimmy G's average was 9th. I'm just not sure a coach, or an organization should scrap or change drastically, the scheme of the coach they hired to install that scheme. Not sure that they should be pressed into augmenting personnel on either side of the ball to mask deficiencies for a guy that might not fit the teams O scheme in the first place. Would you ask Andy Reid to change his scheme to fit JB?
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