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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Literally cannot predict this at all..    I could see the 49ers running all over the chiefs and I can see the chiefs throwing all over the 49ers.   So I'm just gonna sit back Sunday, eat some chips and candy and enjoy a superbowl with which i'm not very invested in. (if I were a drinking man, this would actually be a good superbowl to get drunk to lol). However I am slightly rooting for the Chiefs more than the niners
    • Ballard hit a home run with this pick.   
    • Well for starters I'm not rooting against JB. I just don't see him as a good QB. The Colts are wasting time with him. Therefore, since you keep asking these (IF) questions, as you say, to help you understand, let me bring to your attention a couple of things. Back at the end of the regular season some were wanting Kelley to start at least one game. This question was brought up to FR at one of his after games press conferences. He said at that time Kelley would not play but the Colts will be working with him. Teaching him how to be a NFL QB. Now, couple that with CB saying what he said about Kelley in his talk with Dakich. I believe if you add this up, it will amount to seeing Kelley as the starting QB in the future. I know this is not what you and some others want to see but i believe your going to have to bite the bullet. I believe the Colts will draft a QB in this upcoming draft but i don't think it will be a high pick. The question remains, what will they do with JB. Personally, they need to unload him somehow but this is JMO. I have a gut feeling they will hold on to him which i think will be a mistake. 
    • I am part way through the Documentary but I had already listened to the Wondery Podcast, which I thought did a great job of reviewing the case too:   https://wondery.com/shows/gladiator/   Much like @New Zealands #1 Colts Fan it wasn't as big news in the UK as it was Stateside and so there was a lot I didn't know about it and so, coming in cold, it really was shocking in terms of the actions of someone who, from the outside, looked to have it all.    I don't think you can discount the CTE side of it, as there does seem to be a graduation from a happy high schooler who was popular, funny and well-liked to an aggressive paranoid murderer with little consideration for life.    However, we will obviously never really know the full story. 
    • One of the draftees will fall into the fountain while doing the red carpet portion of the draft.
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