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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I think you are focusing on the wrong thing. There is NO great solution for us next year at the QB spot. There is no QB on our roster, or in FA or in the draft that will play great for us next year. NONE of them is the solution right away. I know this will sound bad but... forget about next year. Think long-term. Luck retiring at that moment screwed us over majorly. There is no good solution for us for the 2020 season at QB. The question is not whether Herbert or Love will put 25-25 in a 6-10 season in 2020. The question is whether Herbert or Love will be franchise QBs between 2021 and 2031+. This is where we should be looking at, not at 2020. This is what should make your decision - whether you think they are franchise QB long-term. not whether they will struggle as rookies.    There is not a draft pick that will make this team a contender next year. Not Jeudy, not Brown... hell.... you know what... even Chase Young. If the offense is relying on the same type of play that Brissett gave us last year, it wouldn't matter what Derrick Brown is doing. We might finish 9-7 instead of 7-9. Does it matter? And then we will be faced with the same decision next year's draft... only this time we will be drafting even later and in potentially worse QB class(at least past Lawrence and Fields). And then you will again have to say - why not draft the next no. 17 WR/DT/OT if the QB you draft will finish the following year 25/25. No rookie will be amazing. This is not the question. The question is whether you think the QB you draft will be great for the next 10-15 years, not for next year.    edit: Just to add something - one more thing people forget - whoever you draft is not a sure thing. Even Derrick Brown and Jerry Jeudy. Look at last year- Quinnen WIlliams, who I loved in the draft and went no. 3. He had horrible year for the Jets. The same uncertainty that you have for the QBs, you have for all other players that drop to 13. 
    • Nobody is saying anything differently.  But he has to be the right guy.  If college graduation or declaration doesn't produce that this year, you move on to a right guy at another position.  I would think a right guy at one of three positions; WR, OT, or DT would be on the board. 
    • Flacco only won 1 SB. Huge difference between 1 and 2, doesn't seem like it but it is. Eli and his team won 2 SB's and he was MVP in both. He and his teams beat the Patriots twice on top of it. He and his team beat the undefeated Patriots in 2007 which was a history changer. Eli belongs and how this is even a debate is puzzling. As a starter he was 117-117 which is .500 but his playoff record was 8-4 which is top notch. By the way his stats all-time are almost identical to Big Ben's as well.    I can buy maybe he shouldn't be 1st ballot but I have him 2nd ballot. If Joe Namath is in the HOFame then Eli definitely belongs. Have you seen Namath's record and stats? He only won 1 SB as well.
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