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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I didn't say that Mahomes wasn't a great QB, I'm merely saying that when he scrambles, IOW when the play breaks down, his skill position players also know what they are doing by also getting 4 yards from a defender, at least a lot of the time.   If they were not able to do that, I wonder what Mahomes would look like.
    • Belichick used a coverage LB or safety as a spy, can't use a regular thumper LB as spy, Mahomes is too quick for that. He will have to take check downs vs the 49ers DL speed, and if he doesn't do that quick enough, the Chiefs will be behind on the scoreboard against a D that can tee off vs the pass.
    • Next topic will be Brissett = Mahomes
    • Agreed.  That's basically what I said.     TEN rushed 3, and kept a LB free to rush Mahomes as left the pocket.  He was still making down field plays and not checking down despite TEN only devoting 4 players to the rush.  The offense looked average until late in the game when he hit Watkins on a deep play after the DB fell down.  IOW, backyard ball.   His scramble was the result of him beating that LB spy rusher around the edge, and another who took a bad angle.
    • If making plays out of the pocket is your definition of backyard baller, then yes, that is why he wins because that is his strength, extending plays. To me, backyard baller is conveniently used to describe QBs that never get it done inside the pocket, and never read Ds. He does read Ds better than in Year 1, and does make enough throws inside the pocket but yes, the outside the pocket plays when his OL gets flushed and he gets flushed, is his calling card that puts him at the top currently, I agree.   Mahomes scrambling, he earlier said in the season that he will save scrambling with contact for more important occasions and the play before the half was one he was looking to initiate contact. The other instances, he knew he had time on the clock and could pick his spots after just getting first downs, played it smart. 
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