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Indianapolis Colts
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    • This made me LOL. If the 49ers win, he'll point to it and say we can win a SB with Brissett. If the Chiefs win, he'll say Brissett could do the same as Mahomes if he had better weapons. His posts are ridiculous!
    • I don't think it will be a double digit game.   SF 30 KC 24 was my original prediction, or it could even be like one of those FG SB wins of the Patriots because KC has been good in the red zone and if that continues, SF 31 KC 28.   A few objective facts:   1. FWIW, the NFC as a collective went 33-31 against the AFC 2. FWIW, the 49ers opponents this year went 128-126-2, while the Chiefs opponents this year went 130-125-1 3. FWIW, the 49ers played 5 playoff teams during the regular season and went 3-2, the Chiefs played 6 and went 3-3   I’d say all this data, at least to me, means the two conferences (as a whole) were roughly equal, and the Chiefs and 49ers schedules were roughly equal.   More facts that belie our assumptions:   a. Did you know the Chiefs defense actually allowed fewer points in the regular season than the 49ers? b. Did you know the 49ers offense actually scored more points than the Chiefs in the regular season? c. Did you know that the 49ers actually rushed for more yards as a team in the regular season than the Titans?
    • This senior bowl is going to be loaded with talent and I can't wait to watch the practices. I am really excited to see if Gandy-Golden can still create seperation with high level talent. I remember Deebo Samuel last year tearing it up last year during the senior bowl workouts and look how well he's done for San Fran  
    • Like Lamar Jackson did, vs the Titans, LOL.     The difference is Mahomes is a contortionist, doesn't need his feet set for a lot of his off balance throws that get there with weird arm angles too, Lamar has to set his feet. Can't coach that, can't teach that, IMO.
    • It'd better be fluid.   I don't really want to bang the Luck drum too much, but I'm 98% sure that Ballard took this job because filling in the gaps around Luck seem'd like a doable thing. Luck retiring has changed everything and now Ballard has to draft a QB- which is a substantial part of the culture.    He's going to have a real track record soon.
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