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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I agree with you about (I'm changing vision to awareness but essentially the same thing) but that is with the assumption the QB has minimum NFL arm strength and that is the knock on Fromm, is he may not have the minimum arm strength for NFL throws.   I am not saying I agree or disagree with that assessment, that is what I have read.  Everything else about Fromm is positive, work ethic, desire, football IQ, leadership, etc.  And personally, I figure there has to be something to a guy that, in college, sent two more highly recruited and, supposedly, more talented QBs packing off to other colleges.
    • Why wouldn't Nelson make a better LT than Haeg or Clark?  Maybe its a matter of then not wanting to have a poor LG, but it might be easier to sign a FA LG until the correct LT comes along if Nelson slides over.   I wouldn't trust Haeg or Clark at LT.  Teams will just isolate them with a speed rusher around the edge giving Nelson no chance to help out most of the time.
    • This makes perfect sense to me.  As much as we need the 3T position we have also been trying for years to get that premier ER.  They never hit FA but this year Clowney is going to hit FA.  I don't see Chris Jones hitting FA for the 3T.   So we have the money so now it comes down to Ballard's line in the sand stance on the cost.   Will he be more flexible for a premier ER?  And can he convince him and other FAs we are SB contenders.  I guess we will find out soon enough.  
    • Yes, that is part of it, of course.  But he also made valid points as to why Eli should get in.   Fun debating it in any event.
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