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Should the Colts sign K Chase McClaughlin?

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25 minutes ago, holeymoley99 said:

Hell no, that fg try was Vanderjagt special


those darn laces

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    • My views on those points.    Disagree. He was below average first half of the season and he was rock bottom the second half. For whatever it's worth I think his injury probably impacted his mechanics and accuracy in the second half so he might be closer to the QB from the first half of the season. Still not good enough.   Agree. Those stats were not what I've had most issues with. His stats overstate his play because of very favorable playcalling in the first half of the season when he amassed a ton of TDs from within 5 yards of the endzone. Which is valuable and not something to be easily discarded, but also not something sustainable... which... got shown off in the second half of the season.    This would be an interesting poll to run. I've been seeing more and more people entertaining  bargain bin future QBs which IMO points to them not taking the task of finding the future QB seriously enough and possibly having some hopes about Jacoby. It's possible the % of people willing to give JB another shot might be higher than 10%.   What do you consider "bashing JB"? I don't see many posts that I would consider bashing Brissett. I agree he doesn't suck, but I also don't think he's average.      Cheers 
    • Brissett is terrible 30 INT's is worst than terrible that's trash.
    • Yes and no.     The losses versus Houston and Tenn were very bad, our health played a very big part in that. We would have gotten massacred against anybody in the playoffs had we made it. Now if Brissett played well consistently I’d say we had a chance to go on a run like the Titans, but with him stinking the place up and our secondary being decimated, along with losing Turay, allows me to believe otherwise.
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