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Should the Colts sign K Chase McClaughlin?

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25 minutes ago, holeymoley99 said:

Hell no, that fg try was Vanderjagt special


those darn laces

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    • Not sure what the timeline was but ,if luck didn't wait so long to retire .Tannshill was a free agent And titans got him.We got hoyer.
    • I think the Broncos had him on their roster  a regular salary rookie contract , it might have affected how the Colts had to pay him too. (Broncos and Colts pay, cap, dead cap, etc...)     Because coaches don''t want to use the players they think has the best chance of winning, thus securing their jobs. Got it.     Coaches see him against their players everyday. There is a thing called 'development'.  And it doesn't require starting NFL games right away.     Since it's Indy, I'll give a race analogy to the NFL saying-   You cannot win the race in the first corner, but you can most certainly lose it.   It's hard for inexperienced QB's to win an NFL game, but very easy for them to lose it.   Those guys practice, study, and play hard.  They want to win. While playoffs were still a possibility, the coaches and team (via reports) were in on JB leading them.  Not sure how it goes from here, though.   I wonder how CK does in the off season, and passing that test, competes in training camp 2020.     GM's make decisions on what personnel to acquire/keep/cut.  Coaches decide who is active, who plays, and at what position(s).  And yes, they communicate with each other to try to work in unison rather than against each other as much as possible.
    • When you consider that we shouldn't have lost to the LAC, kicking woes. And we played a journeyman back-up (who played up to his talent level and reminded us all why he was a back-up) against Pitt and Miami. And have been without our leading receiver, our second round draft pick (also a receiver), our top FA signing (also a WR) for most of the season, I'd say our offense has been exactly what it should have been, run heavy, in a pass happy league. Throw in our kicking issues and I'm surprised we're 6-7. We could EASILY be 8-5 or even 9-4.   I don't know if JB is the answer at QB. He has some deficiencies, but he hasn't had a lot to work with at times. When your O gives the team a double digit lead to work with in the fourth quarter and the D can't hold it, you have systemic problems that can't be laid at the feet of one player. 
    • Ummm we have no recievers outside of Hilton, we need two new defensive tackles,a edge rusher, and an elite corner. He’s failed to address that area
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