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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You know, as I think about this from a fan perspective, rather than a Castonzo perspective, I try to play the"window of opportunity" game.    When one looks at the assembled players in the last 2 or 3 years and juxtapose that with the team build and future growth, Anthony sits a little outside that window. I love him as a player, and I think he has been vastly underappreciated by fans. I even see some who practically called him trash, now wringing their hands at his possible departure.    I think most of the players at his age see this as a body/earnings business decision far more than fans are willing to recognize. We can discuss the window of opportunity angle till the cows come home, and as seen here, the conjecture will abound. In the end, for the player, it is far more likely that his decision is about whether he wants to put more degradation on his body, regardless of who the QB is or the immediate future possibility of a SB. 
    • Here are some videos from the practices yesterday:   South DBs vs WRs drills:   South OL vs DL:   South team:   North DB vs WRs:   North OL vs DL:     North Inside Run period:  
    • Goodness.  All QBs scramble at times, but Luck was viewed as a pocket passer that needed a clean pocket....like most NFL QBs.  The best way to protect the QB is to keep him in the pocket.   That is the reason Ballard drafted  "the last starting caliber G on the board"  at 35 after drafting the best starting caliber on the board at pick 6.  Traditional positional value was put aside to solve a more important need at the time.   Throwing the ball away is the option used by pocket passers to avoid injury.   Scrambling exposes them to injury, but it extends the play, giving them an opportunity to make something out of nothing when the pocket collapses in 2 seconds.              
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