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Indianapolis Colts
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    • This thread kind of jogged my memory and it left me thinking that the team was kind of lucky to get their SB win and yet should have had 2 or 3..  It's hard to win SB's and it's even harder when the Patriots are there every other year.   I think as a fan I'm in the process of kind of decoupling the expectation that a SB was possibility for the team going into seasons. It's not right now and that's a big change. 
    • I truly believe Ballard is not going to waste a pick on taking a QB with the first pick.....  Especially where the Colts are drafting   Big gamble if Love was taken and dosen't pan out.  The Colts are on the doorstep and need several pieces.  The Luck thing was a set back now I hope the left tackle doesn't become one.  With additional pieces on defense the colts can be a top 10 defense.  Hoping the draft will address this first.
    • its all good. No offense was taken. Everyone has opinions and perspectives and that is the way it should be. Carry on good sir
    • Agreed! It only takes one *. To clarify, it was a Police Officer, not a Security Guard.   Personally, I thought the Officer was extremely intelligent handling the situation. His “situational awareness” was top notch, being surrounded by a bunch of reporters, cameras and players looking up to a guy who just distributed Benjamin’s.  It was not in his best interest to arrest OBJ at that moment.    Being a Cop is difficult, everyone has a camera and it only takes a few seconds of a 2 minute video to paint the wrong picture, depending on the motivation.   Looking at the diverse opinions here, it’s easy at least for me to see, that the Police Officer was extremely professional handling this the way he did.  If, this had of been a female Cop or two civilians in the work place, I’m certain the conversation would be somewhat different. And it’s very unfortunate that we can’t all find common ground on what is appropriate or inappropriate.     Unfortunately, not everyone likes the Cops, including some that posted in this thread.    @csmopar Just a having fun with you nothing personal.  Apologies        
    • Mmmhmm. I was deathly afraid of the Chargers that year. I was so relived to see the Pats. And my what a shock to say, but we had beaten them 2 times straight and I felt Peyton finally got the monkey off his back. Plus that was first time we were getting the Patriots at home in a while. 
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