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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You may end up being right, but there may be others that want that spot as well   If CB is in Love with Love.... I say get him at 13.....   I just don’t see enough to trade multiple awesome picks to get Love before 13
    • Don’t say that name......   Thats from the days where Jim Irsay thought he was a wheeling dealing dude   We gave up some great picks and players to get a self focused meat head   How about the Fredd Young trade... TWO first round picks    How about Eric Dickerson?  The guy ended up being a self focused meathead I remember him telling the local press... Did you see any holes out there We gave up much to get him
    • Carolina could be a trade partner if they don’t want a QB. With what I have heard from their coach I bet they take defense. He has Ben on record as liking Grier a lot when he coached against him. They would be. Smart to wait to see him Cam can get fully healthy. They aren’t getting much in a trade for him. Don’t know how much it would cost to cut him.  We are ok as long as Oakland and panthers don’t take a QB. One will be there. 
    • I think many don't realize the following:   The receiver has to be good enough and experienced enough to know where the openings on the field will be after the first few seconds, just like the QB does.  He also should be pre reading the coverages to know where a DB will likely be headed, at least the DBs on his side of the pattern array.   The all 22 screen shots may not be telling us where JB is looking for receivers to be open, and whether or not the receivers are open when they are supposed to be.  Simply seeing space in between receivers and DBs is not a thorough enough look to simply criticize JB for not "seeing open receivers", IMO.   Mahomes throws his broken play backyard balls to Kelce and Watkins, who know what to do after running their routes for 3 seconds.  Hill, many times,  just takes off deep.  To say that KCs O would not be impacted by the loss of one or two of those players is simply wrong.   JB missed too many WRs when they were open.  Missed the throws themselves, and that's on him, but a lot of this other stuff depends upon having more talented WRs than UDFAs, more NFL playing time experience, and more consistency in understanding timing and tendencies among the receiver group and the QB.  JMO.
    • This is a HUGE point   Everyone says “Just trade up and get your guy”   The Lions and Redskins picks are the only real options   The Redskins will almost HAVE to stay put and pick Chase Young a kid better than BOTH Bosas......    That leaves Lions before the QBs Not named Burrows start going off the board   I see a few teams that are in front of us... Carolina, Miami, and LAC that have a better first round picks to offer to Detroit ..... It will be a bidding war If you look at Miami, they need a QB If you look at LAC, they need a QB The wildcard is Carolina. But really.....  Our current QB Situation is arguably BETTER than Carolinas...... (Many many reports that Cam is done there)   There are teams like NE, Maybe MN, Raiders, TB that might go for a QB and trade for it   It will be an interesting draft day   I would be surprised if there weren’t 4 QBs taken off the board before our pick    
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