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Indianapolis Colts
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    • So your saying you would give up even more assets for a high QB or reach even more for one with a later pick. 
    • Okay so let’s look at Ballards comments on Chad Kelly on Dakich:     Dakich: The fans really wanted Chad Kelly to get a shot. Is Kelly in any type of future plans?   Ballard: "Let me tell you this: he's got some natural playmaking to him. Here's my deal with Chad, because I heard the clamoring, too — my kids. I mean, they love Chad; they love Jacoby, and they love Chad. I mean, Chad had earned trust. I'm not talking about on the field — we had to trust him off the field. I mean, he had screwed up a few times to where, 'We're your last shot here, son. So you're we're gonna have some guidelines here about what you have to do, and you've gotta earn trust.' And first time we cut him, he had this look of, 'You're cutting me?' I'm like, 'Damn right I'm cuttin' you. And you're gonna go to the practice squad and you're gonna continue to work, you're gonna continue to do the things we're asking you to do.' Do I think he has a future in the league? Yes. Does he continue to have to earn trust each and every day? Yes."   First, so I have long felt that Kelly would not take JBs place this previous season and would gladly call out anyone who did. I feel like after hearing this, it confirmed what a lot of us thought, this year was about Kelly showing he could be a good teammate and stay in line. That was it. It was never about him actually seeing the field.    Second, I think this could also confirm that we might just be in for a draft of building D-line and getting weapons. Then taking a QB in the mid rounds, maybe 3-4 range. Why do I say that, when asked about Kelly, Ballard said he had a future in the league and was a natural playmaker. I could see Ballard believing he can roll with Brissett, Kelly and Rookie. Let them battle it out in training camp and see what happens. He could view Kelly as better than any other QB that would be available to us. Could all be conspiracy, but definitely now feel that a very least Kelly will be on this roster next year unless he gets in trouble this offseason.    What do y’all think?  
    • He might be a guy they could move back into the first to get or 34.  But yeah at 13 that sounds questionable. I don’t see how they could like him more then Love or Herbert unless they just think those two will be gone. At this point I think it’s way to early to know.
    • Taking Eason at #13 would be very, very questionable. Talk about taking a risk.
    • Yea... he's not a franchise or even starting level QB in the NFL..
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