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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Hes been the same since college.  His draft preview stated so.  Hes the common denominator.  
    • Williams was pretty good when given the opportunity.  Wouldn't doubt if another team gets him and gives him more playing time.  
    • Tua's health is still the X factor right now.  Here is a scouting report (by a real respected scout) overview of 5 QB's practice days at the Senior Bowl recently.  Sorry for length:   South team QB's   Tuesday- QB Justin Herbert, Oregon Herbert looked phenomenal on Tuesday displaying all the physical tools and leadership skills necessary for the next level. He was right on the money with many of his throws and his pass placement was off the charts. He made plays in and out of the pocket, displayed a next level arm and great athleticism. His incomplete passes were more about drops by receivers rather than missed throws on his part. And when his receivers dropped a pass Herbert was there to take charge. Terrific day by the Oregon quarterback.   Wednesday- QB Justin Herbert, Oregon It was another effective day for Herbert, though one could make the argument he was slightly better yesterday. He was right on the money with his throws and showed terrific pass placement. I don’t think Herbert had as many dynamic throws today, but he also had fewer errant passes and misses. Again, he displayed a good degree of leadership throughout the entire session.   Thursday- QB Justin Herbert, Oregon Thursday was another terrific practice for Herbert. While he probably had more misses Thursday than any of the previous two days, he consistently showed the ability to drop the ball in the bucket and place passes where only his target could come away with the reception.   Tuesday- QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma Hurts had his struggles today, especially early on. He was often late delivering passes and receivers were waiting for the ball to arrive. Several of his attempts had pass catchers leaving their feet to grab the pass from midair. I got the idea watching Hurts, he is much more comfortable playing in Oklahoma’s wide open system and it’s going to take some adjustment to get accustomed to an NFL type of scheme.   Wednesday- QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma If Hurts struggled on Tuesday, he was just outright bad on Wednesday. Excluding one terrific pass he placed in the hands of Stephen Sullivan down the left sideline, Hurts was off the mark all day. He missed wide open receivers throwing against air and put pass catchers in perilous positions when they were covered.   Thursday- QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma Thursday was a slightly better day for Hurts, and it was quite possibly his best practice of the week. He showed better accuracy and throws a catchable ball, but he still forced too many passes and missed a number of open receivers.   North team QB's Tuesday- QB Jordan Love, Utah State Love did not have quite the day of Justin Herbert but he wasn’t far behind. He made several magnificent passes throughout the day and drew a lot of praise from the scouts around me. He has a super quick, super-efficient release, a live arm and showed some beautiful pass placement. There were a couple of passes that got away from him and he was not quite as effective on the move compared to Herbert, but it was an “A” day for Love.   Wednesday- QB Jordan Love, Utah State Love had another terrific day on Wednesday. While one could argue he was more inconsistent than Day 1, most of his throws were on the mark and delivered with great speed, and most of the time he made really good decisions   Thursday- QB Jordan Love, Utah State Thursday was another solid day for Love, although one could argue he was not as effective as he was the prior two practices. He displayed a big-league arm and got the ball through tight windows, but he also made some questionable throws that included one bad interception.   Tuesday- QB Anthony Gordon, Washington State Gordon displayed a lot of next level physical skills and possesses an NFL arm. He also needs a lot of work on his game. While he showed the ability to fire the ball into targets, his pass placement and accuracy was all over the place. When Gordon needed to drop a ball into the tight window, he was unable.   Wednesday- QB Anthony Gordon, Washington State While Gordon has his moments on Wednesday, for the most part he showed a lot of inconsistency. He did a better job placing throws and dropping them into targets’ hands today, but all too often he was off the mark and had receivers leaving their feet or adjusting backwards to grab the ball from the air.   Thursday- QB Anthony Gordon, Washington State Gordon was better Thursday than he was the prior two practices. He showed better accuracy and decision-making. He was not as hesitant as he was during Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s sessions. Tuesday- QB Shea Patterson, Michigan Patterson showed much of the same today that we he showed the past two years- a lot of inconsistency. He made a few nice throws but for the most part was late delivering the ball and was all over the place with his throws.   Wednesday- QB Shea Patterson, Michigan It was not a good day for Patterson, as his practice bordered on terrible. He made one terrific pass downfield, which was promptly dropped by Antonio Gandy-Golden, but just about every other throw all day was wide of the mark. Too many times his receivers had almost no chance to catch the ball as Patterson was missing so badly.   Thursday- QB Shea Patterson, Michigan Thursday was hands down Patterson’s best practice of the week. He was much more accurate and decisive, and while he had a few misses, he was mostly on the mark with his throws all day.
    • Mayok had a interview and like ballard stressed DT. When you already have a QB as good as Carr It would be dumb to pass on a guy like Kinlaw.
    • He didn’t look uncomfortable.
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