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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I just worry if Castonzo does decide to return, and signs the big contract... He still has the same drive and commitment.  I do believe, in some cases, once one starts mulling retirement yet continues working, their heart may not be 100% in it.
    • Thirding this.   I LOVE love don't get me wrong. I've beat his drum here before. That being said Kinlaw with the 13th and Anthony Gordon in a later round doesn't make me mad at all. I was impressed with his performance and now digging into his 2019 season I like it.
    • To add to my points.  People have to remember that this is a big year for both Ballard and Reich. Say they move up and pick Love.  He doesn't work out and then u could b looking at big changes in the front office in say 2 years.   I could actually see them picking best player at 13 and trading back into the 1st round and grabbing a qb. I know people are on the Love train because Colts scouts were at his games. Mayb they were and have seen enough where he is not their guy.  The way they r trying to build this team, tons of assets on the O line, strong running game and a D based on speed and athleticism,  I just don't see them picking a guy like Love.  I see more of a guy like Fromm who they could get with probably a move back into the 1st. They want to run the ball, quick passing game and keep the D off the field because they r smaller on average. I just don't see Reich buying into the Love hype.  He is more traditional when it comes to a qb.  He wants accuracy as the key trait much like Bill Walsh. I could be totally wrong but that's the way I c it.
    • I am  sold that Herbert would start day 1. Just not quite sure Love would be able to have success right away. He could though. Like you said with Mack and Loves arm it would open up so much. Just not sure if he needs to sit and learn how to read defenses. 
    • Everything I have read says he is a very hard worker. One story talked about him spending hours with the RB watching film. If he is that hard of a worker and proves to have a high football IQ I don’t see how he can be a bust with Reich. He is very self aware and knows he needs to balance the taking risks and not being stupid.  Apparently he wowed the dolphins in his interview. I would be happy with him or Herbert. Doesn’t really matter. We just need to try and see if we can get one of them if the colts think they can be the guy.
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