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Colts Vs. Dolphins Game Day Thread

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Just now, Coltsman1788 said:

His greatness and past exploits gives him more of a leash or benefit of the doubt.  Ballard/Reich have already essentially said this.   I think that is unsound thinking that will come back to bite them this season. 

Already has. He has certainly been responsible for at least two losses. This looks large today.

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Man,   I hope JB is good to go next week

No Brissett, no TY, no Desir.. no complaints.. just please win!

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11 minutes ago, James said:

Vinny terrible as always this season. Pathetic how many PATs and FGs this guy misses.


Watch the Dolphins get a FG and take the lead.


Easy prediction.


Vinny must retire by choice. Or Irsay will have to terminate his contract.


Vinny will be the reason the Colts lose another game.

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Just now, IndySouthsider said:

And you didn’t feel nervous every time he took the field? I am more often surprised he makes them these days. Loyalty to an aging veteran beyond his prime is foolishness. 

Yeah,   I'm sure you're a better talent evaluator of talent than Ballard.    

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2 minutes ago, CobraKai344 said:

If we lose bc Of that he needs to be gone tomorrow for good.


And again, replace him with what?  You can't just cut him in the middle of the season without a plan to replace him.


And also, whether or not they win or lose should not dictate whether or not they cut him.  His performance on its own should be what drives that decision.

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7 minutes ago, Cynjin said:


The only thing anyone is going to agree on is that you have zero idea of what you are talking about.

I guess u will b proven right when his contract comes up for an extension and the Colts sign him for 20 million a year!! I guess at that time we will truly see how the Colts value him.  So till that time u r so right and he is a top 5 lb in this league. 

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Just now, jvan1973 said:

Will you thank him when he hits the game winner?

He hasn’t yet has he?  Though he did miss the game winning field goal last week in Pittsburgh that would have beat one of the teams I despise the most.    

I won’t thank him actually because in my opinion he owes the team to do his job...especially when his incompetence puts us in that situation in the first place. 

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    • I think if we wait and take a tackle day 2 then I could see the possibility of not starting right away but taking over by mid season.  But if we take one day 1 I think he will start right away.  
    • I could see Eichenberg stepping in on day 1 and play decently, but those other 2 absolutely need time to develop. Hopefully Tevi ends up playing well and nobody gets thrown into the fire too soon.
    • Do I think Smith is going to ask for Quinton Nelson money?    No.   I don't.    And I don't think it will be close,  but I've been wrong before.     For what it's worth,  Ballard has said it this off-season,  and I think he has said this every off-season.   They monitor their salary structure every day.    And not just for the current year.     It's projected for that year, and the next,  and the next after that.   So, for a 3-year window,  we have a good rough idea where our money is going to be.   Frankly,  Kelly has 3 more years on his 4/50.   After that, he'll either be re-signed for a 1 or 2 year deal, or will be allowed to leave.    And Pinter, or someone else will take over.     It's not like you or me or anyone else here have thought of things that Chris Ballard and his team have not.   CB doesn't smack himself in the forehead like a V-8 moment!    They are so far ahead of us it's not even funny.    No one here has thought of anything that they haven't already thought of a long time ago.     That's you speaking.    And there are some here who agree with you.   I'm just not one of them.
    • Moosejaw, you are too caught up in your positional rankings. Some players transcend the normal thinking, and certainly, Q is one of those players. He has elevated the entire O-line with his play, and he allows the Colts to have a good vs great LT next to him. He has value far beyond his being a LG, and I would venture to say he would be paid top dollar by every team in the League. If I'm right, and I think I am, then your argument re: Q fails.  As for Leonard, although you have a point about him being less than all pro caliber in his pass coverage, you also have to agree that he is the spiritual leader of the D, and brings many other intangibles to his LB play that make him worth a big salary. Should he be the highest paid LB in the league? No. Should he get top 5 $? I'm ok with that. 
    • I loved it too,  but frankly, I was expecting to see and hear from Polian.   How hard is it to do a zoom interview these days?   I'm assuming he's healthy and would gladly do it.    It reflects well on him, so I'm curious why we didn't hear from Bill?   I also wish we'd have heard from Edge himself.   Was he surprised?   Did he know he was going to be our pick?   Etc.   I love the piece,  because it was a big shock when it happened.    And the Colts were proved to be right.   Mad props to them!!  
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