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Man,   I hope JB is good to go next week

No Brissett, no TY, no Desir.. no complaints.. just please win!

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    • Wouldnt be the first time weve played with young and rookie edge rushers. Just sit back and see what Ballard does. Im sure theyve thought this through. Theres more good edge rush candidates in this draft that fit our scheme than you think. Could be better but its not horrible.
    • I've been watching some more players lately and I have new favorites... In this mock - Benjamin St-Juste, Josh Palmer, Derrick Barnes. St-Juste and Derrick Barnes fit Ballard's mold to a tee. Especially St-Juste. Go watch him, guys. LONG(32" arms), good fluid athlete(really nice change of direction), physical in the run game, great zone instincts... Senior Bowl standout.    Derrick Barnes is a long(33 3/8" arms), athletic LB who is raw and honestly... not all that good when it comes to reading the game, but might develop well in our system where you are not required to make complex reads, but rather just see, chase and tackle. Potential depth replacement for the class that's graduating from their rookie contracts(Franklin, Adams...)
    • Picture it   The year is 2167 (notice im using same year) your new mission is doozy. you must call nick harper about a secret team meeting make sure he has zero communication between him and his wife.    He runs it back and we win SB against Seahawks 
    • '95 AFC Championship - Bailey catches hail mary '05 Playoffs - Nick Harper doesn't get stabbed in the leg by his wife and takes the fumble to the house.
    • Edit to add, I think the rule is 2 passes attempted from behind the line of scrimmage AND completed. Obviously, if its passed the LOS, it's a penalty, or if it's incomplete, it's dead. End edit.    The 2 forward pass was because of something Tom Brady did last year. A pass was thrown, batted back to Brady, and Thrown again for a gain of 8. It was 3rd and 10.  It was an illegal forward pass. 5 yard penalty, repeat the down. 3rd and 15.  Or decline and it's 4th and 2. Either way, the Offense gets another opportunity with 4th and short or 3rd and long.    The rule is like intentional grounding. Loss of down and yards.    link to the play referenced    
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