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Man,   I hope JB is good to go next week

No Brissett, no TY, no Desir.. no complaints.. just please win!

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    • I was exited about this draft.  PFF not so much.  Quality over quantity with this one.  
    • There IS another possibility. Let’s say your scenario plays out just as suggested:  the Colts draft a LT who isn’t quite ready ( 2nd rounder ); Tevi opens the season as the starter; BUT, Tevi proves to be a turnstile. What to do? Big Q to the rescue. In a pinch, why not? You do it until your rookie is ready for the full time job and fill in at LG with one of the backups like Pinter. The opposition to moving Q to LT is far less convincing if Plan A has bombed. 
    • That is why he wants to leave, you are making it about something else.  You are the one out in left field here   The coaching situation is one small part of this, not the whole story by a long shot The coach they hired is black , it isn't about race
    • Well if you are going to use stats to make a point, yes it is important how they are measured. So now that you aren't using them I'm guessing my point on separation stat was true.   -My last post on the subject
    • I'm thinking the reason these Watson topics get locked is because the conversation starts veering into opinions about matters that are not relevant.  In this case, what Easterby is or isn't, and therefore by extension what HOU is or isn't by their employment of him.  Your opinion is determined by whatever lens you own, not proven facts.  Apparently, the locker room and NFL have a diverse set of lenses whereby some things are bigger deals to some players and not such a big deal to others.   It seems some support Watson holding out for a trade because their lens shows them that HOU is bad for the reasons of Easterby and McNair.    So they are supporting Watson holding out for a trade, but, its for different reason than Watson has expressed.   That's why I was wondering why irrelevant topics are being brought into a discussion about Watson and the reasons motivating a trade.  His reasons need to be understood because they would carry on to another owner.  Its not about the reasons we think he should want one, or the reasons why JJWatt thinks he should want one.    Watson's reasons are clearly about EB.  And if Watson is linking Bienemy to a violation of the Rooney Rule, the Rooney Rule has been around for about 15 years and the Texans have complied.  Its almost like he's taken a 3 minute look at the EB situation and expressed a public hot take conclusion without even knowing the Texans record of complying with the Rooney Rule.            
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